What’s this mean?


Dragon games was a very, very old event, that’s not around anymore.

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Thank goodness :laughing: I hated that event.

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What did u need to do in that event ?

It started out with like a day of fortification, then a day of breeding, then a day of feeding, then some sort of PVP thing. (I could be getting the order of the first 3 days wrong.)

The event was horrible because it pretty much screwed you for progress in your regularly scheduled fortification events and breeding events. Another thing that made it awful was the fact that the prizes were specific to a specific event (i.e. day of activity). There was no combined list of prizes that you worked through.


PG should bring it back but with a few tweaks and that the prizes are linked to all the events and that the points you earn in the events count towards the same prizes, not different, separate prizes per event

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