What’s with Inner Fires in the last few PVP events?


Ok, I’m not an “old timer”, I’ve only been playing since January, but since then, up until the last few PVP events, Inner Fires have always (as far as I can recall) given a dragon that didn’t take any damage a 0 recovery time.

Why has that changed?

Why have Inner Fires become 1) a waste of a spell slot and 2) nothing more than additional event points?

Inner Fires and PVP event rules

I am not having any issues with my follow up dragons equiped with innerfire needing to be healed. If they received no damaged, I’m able to reuse them with no heal timers applied on next event attack.


For me, the third dragon never requires breaking but the second one always needs to be healed. And they take no damage.


It’s happened sometime, probably new bug :sneezing_face:


Depends on the dragon

Eg Girasol always needs to be healed (lol like we didnt get shafted enough with this obs mythic, now he is stealing health pots as well)

And ferga never needs to be healed if using immer fire and not taking.dmg


My Fegar still need healing potions sometimes :man_shrugging:


Do the dragons that need heal potions deal any damage?


Put in a ticket. Mine are working fine. Last event they worked at first but towards the end of the event they started needing to be healed. I submitted a ticket and support said they were aware of the problem. I said, how about throwing a few heals my way then to compensate? Answer…no :laughing:


Wait, so some of your dragons don’t have to be healed if you use IF and they don’t take damage?

I have contacted support during previous events and was told because it wasn’t spelled out in the rules about IFs doing that, they were not functioning that way during that particular event.

How annoying @PGJared


If you use inner fires and get No dmg. Your dragons Will stay healed
However I have seen that Some dragons do and others don’t
I sent a ticket a few weeks ago. They were aware of the problem
Seems that this event I do not have the problem


I’m aware of how Inner Fires are SUPPOSED to work.

What I’m saying is, several events ago, they stopped working like they usually do. I contacted support via ingame ticket, and was told it wasn’t in the rules, so they had changed how they work.

Now, several events later, I’m being told by other players that their Inner Fires are working as they usually do. Mine still aren’t. I just tested it with Morphos and Apophet. Morphos had a heal time.

So, what’s the deal @PGJared and @Arelyna and @Pixxel ? I feel like I’ve been getting ripped off for the past few PVP events…

Edit* it seems that they aren’t working like they are supposed to just on divine dragons. You know, the dragons we spend an arm, leg, and/or 2 kidneys trying to acquire? So the money dragons are broken regarding Inner Fires? Oh, this CANT be good for business…

2nd Edit* Just tested Inner Fires on Morphos, Tarand, Apophet, and Aster. They only did not work as normal on Morphos, a Mythic Divine. As Morphos is the only Mythic Divine I have, I cannot verify for sure, but it appears they are only not working correctly on the Mythic Divines, you know, they really expensive divines? What gives?

If anyone wouldn’t mind testing their Mythic Divines and posting the results here, I’d appreciate it greatly. Thanks.


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