What’s with the “upgrade den to lvl2” msg?


… maybe this has been asked before. Couldn’t find it.

After one of the recent upgrades the message “must upgrade den to lvl2” before you can evolve this dragon appeared with all my divines (and I know this is a problem with many, maybe everybody?).

What’s this all about?

I’m lvl306, my den is lvl60 … confused to say the least.



This is the new error message if you don’t have bred and hatched from the required Dragontier for the evo stone


Oh … so once I bred my first emerald, this will vanish?


Just ignore it. It stays there as long as you have a dragon upgrade you can’t do either because of den cap or evo stone.


Yes, it will.


Cheers. :+1:t2:


Thanks for bringing this up. This should be fixed with the v3.80 update which should be going out to all players today!


Close, but no cigar @PGMichael


That is correct. You need 2 garnet dragons in order to level divines past lvl 40. The wording is off it should say “YOu need to Have Bred 2 Garnet Dragons to keep leveling this Dragon.” :slight_smile:


That’s not my point. It says to Evolve you need to have bred 2 Garnet dragons.

I’m not evolving anything, I am continuing to level. Hence why I circled the current level, the evolve level, and the message displayed.

Ah, you edited your post :rofl:


I edited my post before you replied. :slight_smile:


So the wording still isn’t right, but it is better than it was.

If the time is going to be spent to fix something, why not fix it correctly the first time? It is just wording, after all, but it could be very misleading to someone that doesn’t know better.

Measure twice, cut once?


I agree the wording should be different between “evolving” and “keep leveling” for when you need to use a stone vs not use a stone


The message is a quirk in game. You have that message even if you can’t upgrade your Den anymore. The 3.80 update took care of it.


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