What’s you’re favorite beverage? 🍹


Alcoholic: Amaretto and pineapple … so yummy. :drooling_face:

Non-alcoholic: hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. I drink at least three cups a day :drooling_face::drooling_face:


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Grandé caramel frappucinno with extra caramel Cali style😍


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Sangria currently with apple slices




Warm or cold?



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I’m a huge fan of water


I drink water 90% of the time. There’s a lovely peach & white cranberry juice by the good ol’ Kroger brand that tickles my fancy, though.


Coffee. I can’t function without it. Ask my teammates lol


Warm, it is sterile and like the taste


There is such a thing as a no -alcoholic beverage?


Infused water (with lemon and mint), green tea (sugarless)


Alcoholic: strawberry banana smoothie with coconut rum

Juice: cran-strawberry

Non-alcoholic (and most common): water with added flavor from little squirt bottles. I haven’t tried all of the ones that look good yet, but my favorite so far is Disani’s strawberry kiwi.

P.S. I might just like strawberries in my drinks. :laughing:


Coffee, water, a single malt scotch and some Lagunitas beer. :+1:

…not all at once though.


I’m surprised no one has mentioned whiskey yet. Or is scotch considered whiskey … I forget. Someone explained it to me before but it just seemed needlessly complicated. :joy:


Big Red :rofl:


Scotch is Scottish whisky. (Spelled without an “e” as opposed to Irish and American whiskey).