What’s you’re favorite beverage? 🍹


In the morning can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee, right now I’ve been stuck on the HEB Taste of Texas roasts or some Simply Peach peach juice, afternoon is water or tea the occasional Dr. Pepper. As far as alcohol I like Belgium brewed beers Stella Artois, Blue Moon, Etc., Any Shiner Bock brews (almost any), and if I’m being cheap Bud Light. I Enjoy Crown Royal and Coke for mixed drinks, Makers Mark Bourbon on the rocks, Crown Apple for shots. Oh and found this Texas Crown Club whiskey similar to Crown a little smoother though.


Vanilla steamer at Starbucks. Sweet and hot with smoothness


I like my coffee in the mornings.

I like it as I like my women. Hot, tan and bitter.

I usually get punched by the missus everytime I mention that one. Just re-enforces my point.



you like them bitter?


Apple-Beer Five (Green)


Apple Beer? why not just drink Cider?


Apple Beer is a Soda, non alcoholic… its pretty amazing… Tastes like green apple soda basically but with no extra sugar, carbs, calories etc


Ah, in the US we have “Red’s apple ale” or something like that.


Tea and/or an Arnold Palmer (aka also tea. lol)

My favorite tea is one from Chado’s Tea House in LA that is a berry blend.




NEVER NEVER EVER MIXED TOGETHER. Scotch needs no improvements.




passionfruit coke is bomb


Alcohol: Either a Kentucky Corpse Reviver for a mixed drink or Pommeau de Normandie for something by itself.
Soft Drink: Dang Butterscotch Rootbeer

Honorable mention to Cardhu


You should try the “Christmas tea” and the blueberry tea from the Bar Harbor tea company. https://www.barharbortea.com/black-tea

I buy $400.00 of tea every summer I get up that way and order online if I don’t make it up.


Non alcoholic- in my opinion the best one would be cherry Coca-Cola
Alcoholic- single malt scotch whisky with no mixer, no ice and no water to ruin its taste


Coffee with a splash of Irish cream and Jack Daniels.


Salted Caramel JavaMonster


I picked up a bottle this morning and just had the chance to open it. Oh my gosh it’s yummy. It’s the perfect balance of coffee and sweetness. :heart_eyes:


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