What’s Your Favorite Animal?🐶


Have you seen peachicks? They are sooooo cute!


These guys, yeah? They have long legs for a such a little stature :t_rex:


The wolf. Especially the european- and etiopian wolves. They are such regal and intelligent animals, while also very caring for their family :slight_smile:


I love wolves too! Such majestic animals. My IGN was wolfraptor for a while, though that change was mainly to get someone to lose the bookmark they had on me. Didn’t work, lol :t_rex:


Snakes :grin:

They are absolutely incredible.


Cats. I have a really unhealthy obsession with cats. Does anybody else plan on becoming a future cat lady, if not one already? :joy:


I’ve got five! :grin: :t_rex:


:anguished: what breed(s)?


Oh gee we’re not sure. All of them were strays—we got two of them for free from the back of a truck at a post office. (That sounds really shady now that I’m saying it.) Two we found as kittens and hand-raised, and one found us :heart: :t_rex:


I plan on getting around 5, if not more. All will be adopted, of course :heart:
Cats are honestly the cutest things ever, they’re my total weakness (my friend has five, and I’m absolutely green with envy :laughing: )


Wolves used to be my favorite when I was younger. And for many years I never really thought about what my favorite one was, so I’m not sure if I really had one. Now I can say for sure it is sharks, went scuba diving a couple years ago, saw some napping under a reef and been hooked ever since. They are amazing and terribly misunderstood creatures. Always been a fan of tiger sharks.


Another cool photo


Do human babies count? :thinking:


When I was growing up we had a Golden Cat as a house cat, her name was Massai and weighed 65lbs, a breed of cougar. My famiky were wild animal trainers so we had a lot of animals home, but she was my favorite since we raised her from a kitten,


This is what she looked like. I wish I had pictures of her on my tablet. She was in her mind a lap cat. She would jump on your lap and enjoy a good pet down.


That is so cool!! Such a pretty color. I’ve always loved those little desert cats… blanking on the name. Sand cats? :t_rex:


I love horses and wolves, but my all time favorite has got to be a tiger! They’re just so regal and powerful.


I really like snow leopards :blush:



Somehow I’m not at all surprised by this choice of animal… Phenomnial picture by the way! Great choice :smile:


This is bob, the blobfish. Beautiful creature.


what the heck was that comic with a pink guy that looks like this?

Argh - now it’s going to bug me…

edit - not the pink blob comics. This is older and had a guy’s name I think…