What’s your favorite Dragon


What’s your favorite dragon Divine and non-divine



:heart::heart::heart: Amarok :heart::heart::heart: Will forever and ever be my dearest dragon ( that got me hooked on this insanity)


I dont use him as much anymore except in special circumstances but I will always love Necryx. he was the first seasonal I ever finished, he looks amazing and who couldnt love his big beautiful skinless face?
Non-divine is pretty obvious I’d think



Pathox, Corthanak, Surt, Neptus, and Moonfang will always be my favorites. Funny how all my favorites ate mythic divines. Except for Hauhset, she’s my favorite lineage dragons and Zotz who’s my favorite non-mythic divine


Noctua is my love and I will always pick Noctua as my favorite. Don’t care what else comes out unless it’s Noctua again but at empyrean strength. That was my babe


Destar, forever and always.


Noc is the primary reason I’m still playing lol. I’ve wanted hedwig since it’s release and will play at least until I acquire it


I finally got her this event :heart_eyes: It’ll be a while to get the next dragon that I lust after… Hopefully the game is still around by the time I’m ready to breed Jormungandr on my main account :sweat_smile:


No love for Zotz??


Who’s zotz? Also my favorites so far are pathox and hau.


Tuktu :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Zotz was a legendary from Summerflare (seen here). Just surprising since I hear so much about Zotz from Nyx. :slight_smile:


Ah yes the 10% dragon.
I call him that because with his white umbral he can kill 1-2 towers then immediately dies without doing any more damage lol


My fave to fly is still Prospero.
However, my favorite one is Axi :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :axi:


I know who zotz is lol. Just making a joke since I dont think I’ve ever personally seen zotz fly my base or anyone elses in game. I believe your nickname for it was socks if I remember right.


I didnt think about my skittles. Yes that’s what I named her so I can post taste the rainbow in lc after doing a war hit with her :joy::joy::joy:


Good ol’ Socks! Yeah, that whole season (minus Tez) was a bit of a nightmare to pronounce… :stuck_out_tongue:


:scream::scream::scream: Axi is not easy to spell?


Itzani looks pretty cool to be honest, and he looks like his skill set is fun but not like noc. I also do like coranth, wish I could have gotten him