What’s your favorite Dragon


Being at the end of Garnet tier there are several great lineage hunters that I have yet to experience. My favorite dragon to fly to date is undoubtedly:
:heart_eyes: Prospero :star_struck:
I fairly regularly hit very far above my level with him; he’s frequently capable of soloing a base who’s DP is 3-4x his AP. Good look (especially ridden by Swann) and just so much fun to fly.

Honorable mention: Hau, absolutely stunning dragon, though my lack of skillz prevents me from taking full advantage.

Greatest regret: I skipped out on Necryx in favor of Chimerak. :face_vomiting:


Keep farming silver? :eyes:

My current L. Dragon index is right at the mythic rage, so I’ll keep hoarding until it moves…


I have a ton of silver… I should probably open more of them :sweat_smile:

  • Skarr! Undoubtedly my favourite as he’s helped me grow from a little hatchling to a full grown Dragon Lord. I luv you buddy, I wish you weren’t perched… We will fly again sooner or later!

  • Axi is sooo cute :hugs:! I imagine its cry like the cough or hiccup of a small puppy who incidentally swallowed a bar of soap :joy:

  • Vulcan had been my goal since I began playing, as he was the tutorial Dragon for Rebirth Phoenix. Such fascinating combo of coal and fire Dragon :heart_eyes:

  • Kaiju is really original with his big, maple leaf-shaped wings. Wings in this game are always very small… I wish they made Dragons with membranous wings from the tip of the tail to the shoulders… Or twin tails shaped like a fin…

  • Finally Viscus, just because of his colour palette which reminded me of the Cheshire Cat :smirk_cat:


Drude :eyes: @Odin


he’s not? I’d personally trash all breeding paths just to get him :rofl:


open based on drops . Love Orca’s post on silvers. i spent 10k rubies but well worth my FIRST MYTHIC RAGE!


Not if your path gets you Tuktu first… :rofl:


not if i have to wait for 3 months to prob hatch Tuktu anyway :rofl:


Fae, she was my first divine and super pretty! Sadly I outgrew her and the only time I fly her now is temple raid :confused::confused:


If I may add
:heart::heart::heart: Amarok​:heart::heart::heart: Is my dearest
Lady Hau is a gem from another universe
Noctua I find as one of the most beautiful dragons in this game and I love love to fly her
Pathox too
Still dont know how to, but I really love to fly


I love all of the Sapphire tier Cobras. They all look very beautiful. Each had its own niche, even the green one :snake:


Amarok, and Jorm :heart_eyes: :beers:


Divine is Fomhar
Lineage will always be Hau


Honestly I’ve never seen anyone flying her in standard runs, that’s true… but in tough wars I see my officers doing some kind of magic with either Hau or Noc on lvl 400+ bases :smile: Such a pleasure to look at.


Lineage: Apophet is all time fave, Noct, Hau and Amarok tying for 2nd place.

Divine: Skarr will always be special to me but K2 was a beast! Would still probably pick Nightshade as all time fave simply because he cemented my love of hunters.

Edit: I forgot Squidward!!! (Sigurd)


I still fly Noc… :sweat::disappointed_relieved: He would be lonely if I turfed him


Necryx. My tough bases pal


I got my first ever mythic draw off a silver today and it was a fire flak attack :heart_eyes:. I seriously went completely braindead for a moment and then just started roaring and pumping my fist in the air. My daughter (5) was looking at me with a mixture of fear and awe; I may have been foaming at the mouth. :joy:


necryx above all, then haueset axi and pathox
also i loved avyx at that time