What’s your favorite Dragon


In my old past two teams all the best pilots flew him. He’s the next one I’m getting and I don’t plan to ever take him or hausset out of my roster ever. Ive seen what he can do. Amazing. So I hope to be one of the few who will still fly him. If I can learn him.


I got one last night too. It’s a great feeling :joy::rofl::rofl:


Same here, I get Noctua yesterday :slight_smile:


“Cough” water dragon “cough”



Edit: second Chimerak, third Pathox


My favorite dragon is Surt, because I win :smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

Just teasing a little :innocent::grimacing:

My favorite divine dragon is Huitzil, for the looks and spells, but Gunnar is really good on everything too, so I can’t decide.

My favorite lineage dragon was Stormheim (Emerald mythic) but I’m just entering Obsidian tier, so this may change :grin:

My favorite dragon overall is Amarok, because he was the first strong dragon I got I looks awesome :grin::+1:t2:


My low-level favorite was Gargula, his extract essence let you play with cool high-level spells like northern lights and southern cross. At higher levels I enjoyed Avyx, and now enjoying Pathox even if he’s relatively weak at my level.

I think Ettin was the last “normal” line dragon that I enjoyed flying normally, after that divines were so much more powerful that line dragons were never useful for anything, so hard to really get to like them. Whale, Rizar and Deci look like they would’ve been fun to fly when they were still relevant.

I do love Hau, not just because she’s still relevant, but also because timeshift is simply unique. Noctua might become another favorite once he grows up a bit, he’s still wet from the egg for me.


Every time has it’s own favorites …

  • Amarok (the first really useful dragon in the game)
  • Nightshade (for sure an awesome hunter with a killer like spellset)
  • Snowdrop (the great ice hunter)
  • Sage (especially before the Thunderstorm nerf)
  • Axi (looks like designed during an LSD trip but an awesome spellset)
  • Pathox (my very first mythic divine dragon)


:triumph: No. Water dragon needs effort…


Lord Ember


Somnus is def my favorite divine.
Lineage ill always have a weak spot for Apophet.


Of course there’s love for Zotz! I wish that I could’ve gotten his sapphire stone, but like with Equestor, i was a few sigils short. I would do anything just to get his sapphire stone. He really means a lot a to me.


Trust me, Zotz is more powerful than you think. I’ve killed more bases using just him than Gunnar, Prospero, or Aibrean. Even more than my Spindra(back then, Spindra was my ace in the hole).


Finally, I saw nightshade!
Can’t believe everyone forgot him.
I think he was on my roster for the longest time… ever since my best tier was green to sapphire.

It so sad to see him being useless at temple raid😭

I really loved borgian too, and I hope PG will do the redesign of old time favorites in some season again. Hoping the hunter to be a remake of whale.


I think you picked too many last Summer…


It’s was only Coatl during discount(up to plat), and Nal. The last few events of the season I hadn’t been ready for so I didn’t get enough sigils. Hopefully there’s a dragon similar to Zotz in the future as he’ll always remain in my heart.


My favourite dragon is the one tattooed on my left shoulder.
In game: Zappy, the Blind Horse. aka Equestor, the Storm Chariot


prospero and noctua


Divine - fomhar or i say freak
Lineage- hau but will be soon noctua as its my dream dragon still haven’t got em


Divine: Fomhar and Gunnar

Lineage: A&A and Noctua