What’s your favorite Dragon


and the fact that he leaves puddles of blood on the ground…



Linage: Hauheset, Noctua, Nier, Renard
Divine: Necryx, Pathox, Axi



I just wish they stayed instead of vanishing after a short time. I loved flying him on last year’s winter base skin and turning the snow bloody red :black_heart::heart::skull_and_crossbones::black_heart::heart:



Just started Vanguard this week and have Altimorak to 13. It’s like Kinnarus on steroids. Destar is the first warrior i’ve enjoyed flying since Amarok. Estril is still in my roster and used a lot.

My top dragons are Prospero & Gunnar. Zotz and Corthanak are next. I actually use Zotz much more than Corthanak these days. He’s the better-cleaner-upper (but I flew the hell outa cort the first 4-5 months he was out).



My favorite is definitely Pathox. I love gothic horror/spooky things and Pathox fits that bill. They were also super fun to design and play around with! Shoutout to Wraith for also looking amazing.

edit: saw a nice way to distinguish:
Lineage: Wraith
Divine: Pathox



Ah, yes. The humble yak takes the cake. Many nations who make their homes in the frigid tundras know the importance of the yak. Yaks provide fur and hide for clothing. They can also be milked which becomes cheese after a bit of churning. And in a pinch, one can prepare a hearty yak stew. A man once said, “yak maketh man.” Try and name one thing better than the mighty bos grunniens, I dare you.

Cloven feet plops the yak into the bovidae family, in which it reigns supreme among artiodactyls. They are the superior order; ever vigilant in their quest for yik-yakitting.

It is for this reason! And this reason only! That MORTHIL is not only my personal favorite, but also the most impeccable specimen you could ever lay eyes on. It’s a high honor to be modeled after such a fine species. With this great power, comes great responsibility.

As for divines, they pale in comparison to Yakille O’Neal. Give me 10 yaks and I’ll throw fistfuls of cash at this game to complete my dream roster.

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(Unrelated - Itzani is still probably my favorite in terms of looks and personality. Plus, she’s got Shadow Strike, so there’s a lot to love.)




Aborius. When I was still a noob (I still am…sort of) I used him all the way till I was in Orange tier, where I got Hydron, and then got some sense into my head and started getting good at the game.



Seems like we share an interest in horror/gothic/spooky things. I too, love Pathox. The wings are my favorite part of artwork



Lineage: Rizar (was king when I started and was an absolute monster)

Divine: A tie for me between Nightshade and Necroth



You may be the only person I’ve ran across that mentioned Gargula & Favorite in the same sentence.
When speaking of Gargula it’s usually how much they screwed up not going for Nex :grimacing:

Just kidding with you lol EE is a fun spell :+1:



As a newb you I am having great success with Ember, only I’m stuck as far as training on level 6. (It may be 7) the point is I can’t figure out how to finish my red tier so I can move on. Borg is also becoming fairly powerful, although it takes forever to accumulate XP. Hantu is the same way, he is my fullback so to speak, I wish there was another warrior in my roster that can even compare to the power he generates.



Ember was a dragon that you had to buy the stones for in packs from the store. They had one event last year where they put the next tier stone on sale again after they changed Ember’s cooldown for all levels, but haven’t seen it come around since then.



Aquileas and Austeros. That was a really fun dragon to use.



Divine…its leos …prospero…axi and Gunnar
Lineage…Renard… Apophet and Hauheset



Level 6 is the end of red tier for Ember. After that you have to buy his purple stone in the store if you want to keep training him. The purple stone is an okay deal, but not necessary; you’ll get better dragons soon enough, though Ember will always be useful. Ember’s later stones get much more expensive.

Also, you should use a breeding guide. They are the key to progressing through the tiers with strong dragons while avoiding wasting tokens by getting ones you don’t need or routes that cost way more tokens than you need. It makes a huge difference in your progress and dragon strength.

Note: if you’re trying to collect them all, which isn’t the strongest route, it is still better to follow a breeding path and then go back to fill in dragons from past tiers with higher tier parents. The cost to get a dragon varies based on which parents you use, and most dragons are much cheaper when “backbred” from higher tier parents.



There defintiely should be a Dragoscars! Select your favorite dragons for different spells/looks/lore etc.

Favorite season dragon is for sure Axi! Love the cuteness factor in his look and spells.

Favorite lineage dragon would be Amarok. Fun to fly and a beast at that level.


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