What’s your favorite season, and why?

What is your favorite war dragons season, and why? Is it the lore the dragons the structure or theme, just want to know :smiley:

  • Nightmare (fall 2017)
  • Wintertide (winter 2017
  • Springveil (spring 2018)
  • Summerflare (summer 2018)
  • DuskFall (Fall 2018)
  • Winterjól (winter 2018)
  • SpringBlossom (spring 2019)
  • SummerKai (summer 2019)
  • Wither on (fall 2019)
  • FrostWreath (Winter 2019)
  • LotusBloom ( Spring 2020)
  • Sunscorch (summer 2020)
  • SoulDance (fall 2020)
  • Eclipse (winter 2020)
  • Celestial Rift (Spring 2021)
  • Aftermath (summer 2021)

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Cant vote anything as those i would be before your list starts :relaxed:


I loved Summerkai because all of the dragons looked great and followed a cohesive theme. The portraits were interesting. There were two solid mythics. Loved that we were able to test Namaka out as Ryuu.

Scorpa was one of my all-time fave drags! I thought everything looked welcoming and fun and bright in that season! Lots of color which also tied the theme into an appropriately corresponding time of year.

  1. Winterjol
  2. Springblossom

Winterjol due to nostalgia and art. I also have a lot of fond but short memories of those dragons. (Started that season)

Springblossom because it gave me my first and all time favorite legendary dragon Kaiji, and my favorite dragon portrait! :grinning: I also loved the Japanese themes!


The next season. Because i always try to look forward and not back.


hmm. Toss up between Summerkai and Sunscorch. Sunscorch had Great mythics, a great discount dragon, a 3rd discount dragon, 2 tower lines and a good offensive rider. The 2nd rider wasnt that great and the artwork was a huge letdown though

Summerkai had 2 great mythics, a great discount dragon, 2 really good riders and at least a fun festive. Art wise it wasnt bad. Dreth was a lovable derp

Withermoon was probably my favorite art wise

I miss this. This season and even last season really didnt feel like the dragons and riders were cohesive


I don’t think full multiple choice poll makes sense for this type of question :thinking: .


I got confused, I thought multiple option was for more players to vote, (if it even makes sense) that’s why, but I don’t think you can change a poll, do y’all want me to close that one and make a new one?

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Just leave it be lol.

The process of creating polls here is soooo confusing. It took me 3 tries to get my first one working as I wanted it to haha


Leaving it as it is is fine, as the “why” part means that players still need to mention their reason (thus reasons worth more than mere picking).

I believe it can be changed, but the value will be reset.

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2016 winter. Bc it was perfect, like literally every last of it.


There is good and bad about every season


Salt or pepper for me. Probably salt pips it.

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Allways put salt+ pepper on your food :laughing:


Well gee thanks, that advice just ruined my ice cream…


Medium ground black pepper tastes interesting on ice cream, at least combined with grated chocolate :slight_smile:

On topic, my favorite season was Sunscorch of course:

  • Krelos
  • mid season discount line
  • as a result, my first mythic, Lockjaw, which is also still strong

Soledance is fricken awesome so pretty designs.
Sunscorch as it was the season I started and everything was so cheep. Also hauh is amazing

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Withermoon was my favorite from an aesthetic perspective. Every dragon and rider had such a wonderful Lovecraft-ian feel to their artwork. I also appreciated the efforts put into crafting a lore/story for the characters/dragons, but too bad it wasn’t explored more.


I give you all credit for remembering what was in those seasons. I have already forgotten last season. Will probably forget this season in a few weeks :joy:

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Big fan of withermoon, 6 solid dragons with epic designs and my favorite theme so far, at least dragon wise(no shark dragon or dino dragon yet ;-; )
For the ones that I have been to, probably Souldance, because Marav was an engine of absolute dps when he’s flown right

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