What’s your strategy to better team placement for each event?

I’d love if we can keep this thread going by everyone giving a suggestion, pros and cons, and feedback on strategies and which strategies you use for each event (PVP only)
What’s your strategy for fight pits?
Temple raid?
Crystal caves?

Please share your strategy and let’s catch mpRe. I’m willing to share mine for community
Let’s see if we’re here to help this community

Perhaps you start first?

p.s. All those unnecessary tags :unamused:

Very cool that you have a photo in your profile. I think there is an “r” missing in your location.

As for strategies… I have none :rofl:

blow up sh1t
Tends to work all events



Unfortunately it’s true.

A team of > 30 players grinding and contributing to ALL events is necessary to stay afloat in this game.

Hint: to not waste PvP resources. … so how to not waste PvP resources varies league to league and even team to team

Repeated monotonous grinding till you burn out of time, resoucres in a mindless cycle for sigils,
Thats how all pvp events are.

Be online when needed:- gauntlet, caves, raid.
Fight pits. Meet minimum and law low to save rss

Get rid of main game pvp events.
Introduce new ones.

I dont mind if there is only breeding and fort with atlas throughout.

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