What say a glitch,hack,or tower balance lol

That’s some monsterdesert stuff right there :rofl:
Seriously though, make an in game ticket to get this taken care of.

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What did they do , monsterdeserts?

Thank God it wasn’t Hauheset, or this thread would have substance :innocent:


They were famous for using chests cheats, like invincible gloomclaws and one shot kelvins where one spell flux would destroy entire max bases.
It likes the post was made private though, this link links the post I’m thinking of, but it says it’s private:

FTFY :+1:

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After all that he still can’t solo your base? With an unlimited health dragon? Man did he use the cheat wrong! :rofl:

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May be lol

Nec can take a max base of 55 towers undedended at plat(was when i was getting the hang of the spells). I wouldnt even use primary attack against towers bc it wouldnt barely even scratch them.
Here is the thing, Nec couldnt dream of killing those sanded towers at plat but guess who could at gold? Yep, Spindra.
Wouldnt that in a way at some level or form make them stronger than hau? Gotta understand the dragon classes are not random.

  • Hunter class will FOREVER reign king of leads. I shouldnt have to explain why but its bc of their ability to perform surgery on a base. Kill 1 or 2, sand even more(if necessary) bc only blue and cannon is REQUIRED to be disabled for spindra to have a paved way. If blue or cannon is not a 1st 3 tower then in all honestly dont even have to touch em with nec. The back two can pose a threat though.

  • Sorcerer Class has the highest attack of all 3 and 2nd highest life. Their extreme weakness to specific towers and their evenly spread damage with primary attack makes them weaker as a lead but watch out if Spindra shows up after nec survived till home island. Its a wrap if no mistakes are made, defenders might as well quit.

  • Warrior Class obviously the tanks with high life amd the best tower resists make them ideal against double mage for every 5 spot setups. That being said they still have a very real and set ceiling limit on how high the towers are before they fall. Ive always tried to explain thia class as heavier dragons so they can not fly as HIGH but go farther at lower altitude. Meaning in a war match against a base that is exact same level as me, an ideal warrior for the tower types is going to be better. An example i could give to this is that i can drop a noc with a rider all day…but u send moonfang at me without a rider and its like im a joke for them.

Dude I was joking about the ‘Nerf Hau’ thread - I’m not saying Hau is OP or he needs to be nerfed. :rofl:

I got your sarcasm :wink:

I was incoherent when i posted this i thought it was on that thread itself, my bad lol

When you hack and still fail…heavy facepalm

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