What should I do with my Seagazer Perch?

So I’m a lower level, 54 and I have done some research on perches, I read mechenggs guide on bases and from my research it seems that at lower levels perches are a waste. I’ve been getting a good amount of black pearls in gold chests but if perches suck then that’s a waste of gold chests. The only thing that is good is I could use them during fort and get points but then that will use up XP that I could have used on my flaks or storms etc. My perch is now a level 6 and my limit is blue so I just put Kelsis on there because it would help him get extra XP as I don’t like using him and at level 6 buffs and any pros to perches are minimal. I have about 2000 black pearls and I could upgrade my perch to about level 13 and hold orange tier and gain some points for fort but again I don’t want to use my XP if it won’t benefit my base. Any advice?

Should perches be buffed by PG at lower levels if they are currently useless to some?


Later on in the game, once you acquire legendary and mythic dragons…put those on the perch.
Warriors: 15% HP buff to the entire island.
Sorcerer: +0.5s stun duration, +25% Ice turret HP shield, and increase supershot damage. I don’t remember the exact percentage for the sueprshot damage buff.
Hunter: Increase tower damage by 15%.

Sorcerer: Chance for supershot to not count. This means you get an extra supershot to use while defending.
Hunter: Chance for a tower to fire 2 shots at once.
Warrior: Chance for the towers to make a shield on damage.

Legendaries and Mythics will give all buffs of the rarities below them. Example: Moonfang (mythic) will have the legendary warrior (+15% HP) buff and the “epic” resistance depending on the element.

You should NEVER put dragons on the perch for xp.

I think Mech’s guide states to not build a second perch because attackers can gain rage off the rage drain island. The first perch is definitely not useless. I recommend putting a warrior on the perch to buff HP (legendary warrior) and put 2 farms and 2 lumber mills on that island. Put a red mage, ice turret, storm or Fire Flak in the middle. The best option is the Red Mage IMO.

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