What should we spend gems on?

This kind of goes with my when should we open chests, but what advice is out there for gem spending? I’ve always just waited and opened 10 gold chests. I’ve also used gems to speed some things up, but only when I’m being impatient.

To extend this question. If we were to spend money, how should we spend money?

In the past, I invested heavily in Gold chests. More recently, the Super Sigil chests when I needed sigils to complete a line. The Runic Chests, rarely, more out of curiosity than anything…

There’s a part 2 as well

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This is a little out dated. But not wrong necessarily. When it talks about speeding egg tokens it makes a reference to a double token event. But with seasons now out we all have the double token constantly (assuming we all got that)… and for that reason it remains to be one of the better places to spend tokens on a regular basis.

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I agree it was very outdated. I’d love to see a more updated/ streamlined version: A spending money guide.

I think it depends what you value… some people want to collect all the different dragons because they like collecting all the art… some people beeline breed towards the best dragons in the game in the most efficient way possible… some people like to get all the limited time seasonal content… some people like to generate lots of clock speedups so they can build more towers. it’s pretty open to customizing towards what you care about

I would say, only spend on10 gold chests(still better value in gold chests then in super sigil imho) and only on the smallest eggmission when you have double tokens either during event or due to the season boost.

I save all my rubies for sigil chests or emergency/tactical use. End up with 50k+ rubies by the end of the season (I’m only level 90 after this forti event). I average about 1000 sigils per 10 sigils chests which from my experience is better than goldies. Helps me get divines higher - obsidian gargula without spending just elite acct. more benefit for me to do it this way. Very occasionally I might buy speed ups pack in forge for rubies in a fort event to get next sigils prize level or something like that. Save them my advice

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