What SPECIFICALLY is considered grounds for closing a thread?

Not trying to be inflammatory, but there have been threads closed relating to a myriad of different issues and topics - some of which I recall being closed because it was getting ‘too weird’.

So the simple question is:

Are there objective, clear guidelines for closing threads, or is it solely at the discretion of any staff or moderator that may not like a particular thread?

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Most things will stem from our Forums Code of Conduct.

Could you be specific in regards to the THREE instances in the last 10 minutes that you know we’re talking about? Do you want 20 different PMs asking why that thread was closed or can you just publically inform us as to your reasoning? I don’t see why everything like this has to be private PMs when it was done in a public forum. We’d all like to know what is and isn’t allowed as this seems to be an ever shifting personal interpretation of the TOS.


In particular, which did this thread violate?

And this one (I didn’t see any personal employee information that isn’t already published on PG’s website):


Those are just two that stuck out in my head that don’t seem to really fit into the code of conduct reason for closing threads. There are many threads that could be interpreted as trolling or personal attacks on PG employees, but these are just two of several that seemed to strike me as odd threads to close, while some much worse live on for 100’s and even 1000’s of posts.


They will probably just say it falls under:

But its sad we have to speculate instead of having a clear answer.

especially that second one. Literally all that was shared was information taken directly from PG’s own website.

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don’t forget how a post says:

:man_shrugging: he said it wasn’t about another post but their crystal ball said otherwise.

Productivity is important too.

well we both know it was about that other thread. But the action of closing it brought up a legitimate question (which he asked).

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To incite drama or rile other people on the Forums is when threads will be closed.

This is inciting drama and anger that is unnecessary.

This is directly calling out individuals at Pocket Gems, who may not even work on War Dragons or be involved in specific features of the game, and revealing information about them that they may not want spotlit. Obviously this information exists on a public website, but to call it out is again, unnecessary.

We have a duty to respect the information of others and maintain positive and productive discourse on the Forums as much as possible. Threads that provide nothing but to intentionally incite drama or anger will be closed.

:eyes: You and Red are in the same boat with that popularity issue. I wonder how many other people lurk in that boat with you…

Replies and thread closes have come extremely fast the last 20 minutes or so but still silence in the important threads about event cadence and other changes made to the game players have been screaming for answers too…go figure.

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It’s a curse, really. :man_shrugging:

That’s me… Encouraging @MikeH8sDisGame


Waiting for this now the 4th post to be closed

It’s hardly revealing much of anything if it’s the description at the company you work for… They literally put it out there themselves. If somebody on the forums exposed you as a “Dragonista Extraordinaire” would that really count as revealing and sharing potentially sensitive information? If individuals don’t want to be spotlit maybe they shouldn’t aim the fog-lights at themselves. This isn’t rocket science.


On your own site, the guy listed his job as being “to break games”… That is funny! Your own co-working was quite literally asking to be blamed!


Maybe he is a game tester?

i dont need encouraging. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe, but still funny.

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For the first - Respectfully, that thread lived on for quite some time - I don’t buy this. If it had been shut down within minutes/hours/days of creation, I might believe it - but it clearly states why it was closed in the final post (which is contradictory to your response).

For the second, the screen shot doesn’t show it, but under that gentlman’s nam - what does it say he does at PG? The person who ‘attacked’ him was clearly making a joke regarding his title.

I’m not trying to be an argumentative jerk… there are LOTS of threads that do get closed, where it’s very clearly reasonable, and there is no community backlash. Some though, have been pretty questionable at best, and it seems to be more prevalent lately.