What stones do I have for my dragon?

Is there any way to tell what stones you have earned for each dragon?

I am talking about older dragons. Not current event dragons.

Support can tell you; otherwise, there’ve been previous suggestions like

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No there’s not, but this has been suggested before. Not sure if it’s being worked on but seems pretty simple. Then again it seems simple to let us see our farms/mills hp, see the name of the egg we’re looking to incubate, etc. :man_shrugging:

edit: or just do what @forScience says :wink:

I asked support in game about what evolve stones i had.
They asked for a list of dragons and then replied with the stones for each dragon


I try to remember to take screenshots at the end of the season :woman_shrugging:

Perhaps if everyone creates an in-game ticket asking what stones they have - PG will take note of the increase in requests? :man_shrugging:

I’ve started recording video of final prize claims at the end of every season, starting with the about tab in settings, because I’ve lost evo stones across two different accounts. Support didn’t believe it. The game has no issues, never rolls back, and always resyncs properly, of course :roll_eyes:

:fearful::cold_sweat::scream: Maybe I need to start doing that too :persevere:

I like the surprise of getting all the xp I need and finding I do or do not have the next stone.


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