What sucks more than opening 1000 atlas chests?

Answer: clicking “Add 1 Fragment1400 times to breed a stupid dragon.

PG ---- PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ---- Make it easier for us to open s**t up. This unessasary pain is rediculous. And to add more insult to injury I’m sure I’ll get 5 or 6 “Sync Errors”


what about:
opening 5000 bronze chests each season?
use your 1 and 3 minutes timers?


Ya that would suck too :slight_smile:

Wait for Abyssal Mythics you can the press 2600 times…

Wouldn’t say it sucks more, I get a lot more atlas chests than mystic fragments, and opening atlas chests is a lot slower, at least you can spam the fragment button.

But it does suck a fair bit.

Applying 1400 base boosts a year, of two types, for each island could go on the same list too.

This one can be done with a single button once you need them, so a complete non-issue.

The only think that sucks more than opening 1000 Atlas Chests or clicking on 1400 mystic fragments is not having any at all :cry:


Preach it!!!

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Why do you not open them as you get them

During glory hunt (esp. Castle raid), opening menu to open chests = wasting time.

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Got it so do not waste my time on making my life easier

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