What summer dragon should I get?

Hello! I’m a level 81, and I’ve heard both good and bad opinions on the dragons so far in this event, I would like some help choosing though, for my level, what would be the best dragon out of the two so far? Or should I wait?

Only issue with waiting is that you’ll miss out on the discount. But if you can only finish one line and don’t particularly like the look of the sorcerer, waiting won’t hurt.


It depends on if you are a hunter flier or not :man_shrugging:.

I’m a hunter flyer but I’m not going after the hunter this season. Got Fohmar last season. I don’t feel like the new one measures up as much.


Basically my take is, for hunter flyers, if you have Fomhar, and Aibrean or Avyx, then you pretty much don’t need this hunter, so you can instead save up for the mythic next season. If not a hunter flyer, then I don’t know :joy:


Save save save!


I couldn’t agree more… but seeing crisis do some work with him, I feel he deserves a chance, I’m going for my mythic anyway, so it’s a roadmap reward of sorts

I won’t be hatching the sorcy or hunter, but will unlock the mythic

You get too many tokens gox. Send me some… :joy:

Wait. There’s more to come. Don’t get the first thing you see then When something shiny and new and better comes along wish that you hadn’t wasted all those hard earned sigils. At your level I’d focus on completing a seasonal branch instead of meandering back and forth between this or that and only getting 1/4 or 1/2 way through a decent dragon.

Okay. Thank you

Do you need the rewards on a line, or a dragon?

If you need a dragon, I’d wait for the second release and skip the discount, unless per your past season achievements, you could get two to 2 tiers above your breeding tier, or else, I’d work on a single dragon all season + discount rider + egg bonus if you’re into that.

If you need the rewards, though, 5.2k sigils gets you 52.5 days of speeds and 22 gold chests, and for 6.3k sigils more (if you can make it during discount) 69 more gold chests! So, discount dragon as far as you think is worth it, and if you want the discount rider, take that into account too. Egg token bonus is recommended, of course, but where you decide to fit that in is pretty flexible, depending on how much you grind.

With the rewards in the discount dragon line, getting the stuff in there would always be a boost towards your general progress, but if you need a good dragon instead, I would wait. Both dragons are pretty lackluster so far, and with PG’s performance last season…better dragons are definitely possibly in the works for this season.


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