What the heck is this!

Can u tell me what’s going on here https://youtu.be/dvkzU1HNXsw

Watch closely @PGJared @Arelyna

See you in the Northern Territory.
Guy took his name from an Australian tourism ad LoL


lmao thats how hes been hitting the leader of our team quite a bit magical towers destroyed


Its some form of Airplane, or if he really is in the NT, it’s a relay issue.
I’m in Perth, and relay through Singapore, to the servers in California.
Not sure if NT has a relay through Perth or Sydney, but either way, it’s gonna be a lot of ping.

has been doing this quite often lol only way he can beat the base which it went to support it! this was the first i have ever seen this happen period lol since this event start is when it has been happening which as stated needs to be addressed my pg themselves

We know what it is. I’m sure he won’t be around much longer. Kinda like what comes after dinner. Cough cough (dessert). :smiling_imp:

That’s some severe lag. No cheat lol.

If you look closely he used 3 drags. Nec, then a warrior which died on the front of middle long, then a third which looks like another warrior which couldn’t even kill the farms.


but lagging that whole time is kinda crazy dont u think? the dragons constant fired at necryx

The lag caused the replay to get glitched.


I’m not surprised cus I found a base that has 2 strom towers under construction, still shoots SS.

Replay glitch due to extremely serious lag, have watched one attack my main before

And good thing is you can’t kill strom cus it under construction but on map view it shows both towers fine. NO any upgrades :joy::joy:

Wasnt just replay happened during the hit trying to defend was pointless

It’s not a replay or else yeah, it would be debunked cause I’ve had replays glitch before and had confirmation that it was not foul play. However, in the video you can see the defense items so it’s a live defense, not a replay. Only reason I could imagine this happening then would be a cheat, because typically live defense lag looks like the dragon stalling, then suddenly fast forwarding and the dragon is already pretty much through the whole base. But now the dragon (which died by the way) is just stuck there, and stays this way despite the apparent coming and going of lag.

Can’t say for sure if it’s a cheat but definitely very, very suspicious since it’s live. I’d say airplane mode was activated after Necryx died if not something more complicated. :man_shrugging:

If you have any concerns about cheating, please link the video to our support team. Calling them out on the forums is not the appropriate way to go about it.

Ah apologies - I missed seeing the defence consumable buttons.

I still think it’s lag, but worth asking support to check I suppose. If someone was hacking, then they’d have to be pretty crap at it to have to use 3 dragons… :rofl: