What the hell is this PG?

I got 6 days added to my storage plus another 6 to a different tower!
That’s 12 days!!
Some had even more days added to Research!

And you send a compensation chest with 2 3 hr Timers in it?
Wtf? Why send anything at all?


I’m glad everyone decided to make a separate thread about this :upside_down_face:


Teammate got the same…think they are just sending everyone 6 hours worth of timers

Scanned over first few didn’t see one…

It deserves 100 threads


Only noticed one other thread…And if you look one was posted 5 mins ago and this one 6 mins ago
So would have been typing and no way of knowing :+1:

The sarcasm is strong with this one :laughing:

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Hey everyone!
The gift that people are talking about right now was for sync errors that people were receiving after upgrading towers following 4.30’s release.
The gifts for research and tower upgrades have not been distributed yet, but they will be today. I will keep everyone posted on when they have gone out.

Please continue the discussion here: Version 4.30 Release Notes