What the #(*& is going on, ugh

a base, with 33 million defense, no tower over level 45.
Nollaig, level 51, 537 million attack when boosted.
3 defenders.
Dragon is taken down instantly on first major island.

Nothing like this ever happened before, why now?
Defenders or not, this base has no business taking me down that easily.

Is the defense rating just completely and totally off, is there a bug, what in the hell?

Maybe you’ve met the new Superflak!

Courtesy of GG.

Base? What tier is a level 51 nollaig?


Depending on setup, 45s could take it down :man_shrugging:t3:


Oops, sorry. Wrong look…

Tower setup?
I guess Storm + some flakes

Potentially but not with that DP. It would have to show at least 100m I think (yes I know about the wrong DP others see thingy)


GG :man_shrugging:

We have dealt with a obsidion corthanak with lvl 39 towers. Fire flak storm on back line, two mages and dark flak upfront. The base was boosted very well by tanok and gears. With the repeated damage reduction from fireflak, (or I guessed it was the case) corthanaks ghost fireblast did not kill storm one shot, and it was healed to full back again before he could get rage and hit back again with it. It was hilarious, they tried over and over again like 10 times before finally giving up.

Welcome to hammer spam world
Formar,1,9b AP can be down on 400m base with def with hammer spam easily

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Or welcome to the world of modded bases and zero consequences


Yes I’ve seen this as well!

Modded bases. That sounds about right.

I have seen this before too.

Mm. If it’s taken down instantly, yeah, maybe there’s something wrong. But a well-designed base around that apparent defense, with three defenders spamming buffs, can be enough to take down an obsidian. Especially if the obsidian-flyer isn’t expecting such trouble, and therefore isn’t approaching the battle with the same care they would an island showing a higher defense.

I think other players see my base with a defense in the upper 30s, maybe even as high as 40M, for purposes of comparison. No towers above level 41. But I recently shot down a lvl 53 (obsidian) Sylphen with only myself, and one other defender, and lost only one tower in the process. A well-built base, a couple energetic defenders, and an attacker who was expecting an easy win can sometimes take down even a much tougher dragon.


Very true, I’ve seen a (no doubt very surprised) Harbinger Aibrean drop on my base when it was level 154 (two defenders) and had no towers above 41. It’s a pretty solid base, with a well-geared defensive rider, but it should not have been able to do that unless the pilot was very careless. But then who would be careful when attacking 150 or more levels down…

It’s possible something is amiss, but it’s also possible this Nollaig just ran into a very well-tuned base and was simply caught off-guard.

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