What time(s) do you token farm? 🦖

Hey forum friends,
So—there’s obviously some good ways to do token farming, especially now that Ember has been SAVED by the quick heal times at any level. Put away your base, know the bases to attack, get ‘em done quick, speed ‘em up right, etc etc.
This ain’t really the thread for how to do them. I want to know, from the serious token farmers out there: when do you do it? Do you set aside some time to just burn your eyes out for a couple hours every day? Obviously, putting your base away during a PvP event or a war isn’t a great idea… Ya’ll got schedules or somethin’? I gotta get up off my lazy butt to get my tokens if I want to climb that Sapphire wall without slipping, and I want to know everything I can that’ll help me. How do ya go about goin’ on those token missions?
Thanks ya’ll. :t_rex:


Maybe it depends on how many you need to farm.

What I do is divide it in chunks of 15-30 minutes multiple times per day. I just leave my base like that, don’t bother pull buildings in and out because I don’t really care about rss or PvP (I’m one of the lowest in my team, no one is really going to hit me for points). Of course it is different if we have war and in that case it just depends. I tend to wait until I get hit but it did make me waste a few days. Otherwise I may risk it and pull everything out for those 15 minutes and put everything back in when I’m done. If I’m watching a tv show I may go on indefinitely but usually I get bored fast.
I found that 15 minutes are enough to make 1k tokens or a little more, depending on which egg bonus you have.

This way I managed to farm 12k per day last month and breed Iteru and Hau and 8-10k this month, going for Frostbiter and Anapa. Now rubies are decreasing too much, I may not be able to keep this pace next month.

I suppose there are better farmers out there though :see_no_evil:


Farm tokens while watching a movie or livestream or something. It’s more fun that way.


I farm in bits throughout the day. There’s no dedicated time … waiting at the doctor’s, waiting at the checkout line, waiting at the post office are good times. And yes, what Cloak said … while watching tv. That’s why I love warriors, they can handle distracted flying. :sweat_smile:


I try to do token farming during my breaks at work and when I get home. I really love it when it’s breeding or fort and we don’t have a war on and it’s the weekend. Then I can store my base and spend several hours farming egg tokens while watching a movie with the family.

If it’s during the week and there isn’t a war, then I don’t spend nearly quite so long doing the egg token farming after I get home from work. It’s obviously a lot more difficult to farm egg tokens during a PVP event because you can’t effectively store your base.

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My favorite time to token farm is when I get quests to attack 45 times. I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone. If the quest is for a dragon other than Ember, I still leave Ember in my roster to make some of the missions easier. I also hope for the “deal x dmg” mission to go to Ember instead of whatever Red dragon I am doing the quest with.

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I farm as I complete individual benchmarks (so rubies don’t build up) as well as when I need to do x number of attacks with y dragon. Or when I buy energy for PvP event runs since I rarely do Mega Coin, if ever.

During minor events I get most of my grinding done because I can easily store my base without causing my team greif.

30 mins before war clock every day try to put your base back to normal for war start, if no wars then store it all again for more missions.

PvP events I try to do a few missions without hiding my base every time I log in to do my event attacks.

Minor events I typically do 10-15k days with the odd 25-30k day here or there when I have an evening free. That’s when the bulk of the work happens

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Sadly that’s about the time I get home from work :frowning_face: so I have to wait to see if there’s a war or not before I do any serious farming… When we go off daylight savings the war starts while I’m still at work :woman_facepalming:

Tokens per day??

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Nah. Maybe few times in a month. But /day? Nah.


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I dunno man, I have 197k tokens now since last breeding event, I was at literally 0 at the start. I also have taken two weekends completely off because I was out of cell reception range.

I can pull the dates where I did 25k and 27k recently and Jared can verify it on my account if you really don’t believe me 🤷

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That means about 6 hours of hard grinding in one day :see_no_evil:
How can you not die of boredom?

I think my max in one day has been 15k

Yes it can be done, but not per day average. The guy was asking per day, meaning he was curious if it was 25k straight before breeding event. So you dont say you have 10k -25k/ per day average(from speeding alone). Thats why I said few times in a month but not per day. I dont grind much tokens only speeding when im in sane.but i have 225k now. :man_shrugging:t3:

True, very unlikely to be done everyday. :woman_shrugging:t3::no_good_man:t3:

When did I say 10-25k per day average? Read it again :upside_down_face:

I answered this question. I did not say it directly to you. Then you responded, so it safe to assume you are claiming that you are doinf it as per day average . :upside_down_face:

I think it was very clear that Mech meant it as in one day but only once in a while.

Anyway, while 25k per day regularly isn’t feasible imo, 12k is, if you have enough rubies.

Again, i was answering the guy who asks if he was doing it per day.