What to do, my rider is stuck in Atlas

Recently I joined a team were I don’t have the Atlas options.
However I now wanna swap a rider onto a other dragon, but I found out it’s now there on a mission, and I get the next message.

Obviously I can not claim the eggs from the mission, and not swap my rider. :rofl::rofl:

I think I will join a Atlas team after the event to collect those eggs :roll_eyes:

Putting in a ticket is all you can do. Aside from joining an atlas team to collect.

I would encourage a ticket anyways, as this is an issue that should be logged as existing.

Hop onto IvoryViper, it is auto-accept and Atlas, and get your rider sorted out. Then move back to your team. It shouldn’t affect the event.


It don’t hes bound

Yes need to collect my eggs first before I can bond him to a other dragon.
Edit; The eggs from a rider mission.

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Who from pg do I need to tag here so that they know this can happen?
After that this topic can be closed I think.

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