What to do with cannon tower?

Hi everyone

With fort coming up tomorrow I was planning on leveling up my cannon tower to max level for me (52) but lately I’ve been wondering if that tower is still useful as I’m seeing almost no cannon when I attack other bases. So my question is : do I spend my ressources and timers on this tower or should I just put it back in storage and build something else instead ? (probably a flak, I was thinking maybe an ice flak?)

For additional info, I’m level 271 and my kill island is maxed out for now (until fort event next month), and my base looks like this

(the empty space in the 1st long island is a red mage)

also I currently have 113k embers so I don’t know if that’s enough to keep up with 3 flaks.

Any advice is welcome !

I think a cannon is worth, especially if you don’t have the embers for an ice flak, Bc it still breaks shields which is great for dealing with warriors and sorcs. So it’s more of a utility tower to open up a bigger damage tower to deal damage that would otherwise be shielded by the dragon.


If you don’t spend it is very unlikely that you will be able to support 3 flaks. My third flak is an ice which I started at level 300 hoping to have enough elemental embers… I didn’t and it is currently almost 10 levels behind my other flaks. For reference I spend mildly beyond elites. I also think sticking with the cannon is a good idea as Lutrus said.

Cannon it’s the only normal tower that can be ever useful. It break the Shields (not all but almost).

Storm and lightning say hi.


Can I ask how many embers you had when you decided to try a third flak? I’ve been considering a third one myself with 100k elemental embers but don’t want to get caught with my pants down.

:thinking: Though don’t a number of players say that if you aren’t end game lightning isn’t as useful?

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He said “ever”, so at end game is included his erroneous statement.

Sorry I don’t remember, but it was either 87K or 97K…

Fair point! I’m no where near end game yet so lighting towers wouldn’t be so useful on my base lol. I adore my storm tower though :heart:

Ah yeah, I just looked up the cost to take a flak from level 1 to level 60 (my current cap) would take 70k embers. 30k embers leftover to then keep those flaks up to date doesn’t seem like nearly enough.

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So you’re held back by breeding, lack of emerald eggs for your level 31 builder, which you expect to get next breed. Is your storage maxed? It’s not what you asked, but I would be tempted to do stuff like storage upgrades that won’t level you much.

Of course this fort is during discount week and rewards earned now are worth more, so if you need to level a tower for points it’s understandable. Maxing the cannon will get you about 8 levels and 840k event points. :woman_shrugging:

Another points in favor of cannon, top dragons have elemental resistance, a cannon even though weaker does full damage and has runes to go higher. Just FYI,

My archer sometimes finishes weaker dragons, they are overlooked by attackers

You won’t just have your pants down, you will be utterly bereft of all clothing and other adornments

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I’d just wait until the next feed event and recycle those useless storm towers :roll_eyes:

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Well thanks everyone for your responses, seems like it’s still a good tower so I’m going to keep my cannon for now.

I have all the info I needed so unless anyone else has more things to add this thread can now be closed @moderators

Closing as requested.