What to do with the Water Dragon Shrine

So I was thinking…while clicking around my base I noticed the lovely shrine sitting at level one. Now I know people have suggested increasing the power of the dragon based on level…but perhaps that is too easy.

My idea is to implement a way to level the shrine by your individual performance when defending bases. Once you increase the level, your water dragon gets increased damage. Maybe once you reach a sapphire level or garnet level his spells turn from red to white. Once you’ve met the defensive requirements to level (ie defensive items used, hp healed, number of defenses, number of dragons downed, etc…probably something similar to what is used to calculate MVP during war with defense) it is like the den and takes 3 seconds to complete so it doesn’t hold up a builder. Xp would be similar to Home base buildings.

So what does everyone think? I’m not good with details or anything too specific but I’m sure PG could handle figuring most of that out by having the general guidelines.

#makeryuugreatagain :joy::rofl:


This sounds like a great idea. I personally am not that high of a level (114), but Ryu is pretty much useless for me at this point. My only thought would be, there would have to be some kind of restrictions in place, so he doesn’t become an all encompassing beast. But leveling up the shrine, and therefore the dragon would be a welcomed addition in my opinion.

Someone gave me the idea to hit a friend or two with Ryuu to get him off your roster. As long as they are >150 he pretty much can’t do squat and it’s hilarious watching him try to do a 500M base. Plus, you might wind up gifting them 3 rubies!

I just forget it exists and pay no mind to it :joy:

I tend to use him to run microdoc or nanodoc for egg token missions when that useless dragon winds up in my roster.

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On the Springveil preview steams, PGCoffee mentioned being in a meeting about it, suppose we might hear more eventually.


YeAh leveling up the shrine would be ok as long as it wasn’t some ridiculous upgrade time.
And if it didn’t use one of your two upgrades.

Another thing with his spell set 3 attack spells! And high rage cost! Not to mention rage runes cannot be equipped He’s useless no matter what level he is…Honestly he was just a poorly designed dragon I think they’ll just leave him be I don’t expect any changes with him.

Likely this will be the end result until we truly hit a place where we will actually have a final tier of dragons. I thought about suggesting having it upgrade wihout use of a builder but it just seems easier to follow suit with how the den does it.

I used to think he got his power by the average power and health of dragons in your roster. Eventually I got stronger and he did not LOL.

He does have extremely high rage regen rates if you have not noticed. That is the only thing he has going for him though.

Nope didn’t notice…

Honestly only used him a handful of times there was never really a time he was ever useful at least for me.

What about with the level up shrine the chain lightning turns into thunderbolt, freeze into ice shock and fireball into something good

Fireball to southern cross

That would be pretty cool…always best to use pre existing elements of a game when making changes that overall will have a minimal effect on game experience

Or bringing back an idea in one of the previous posts: what if you could get rubies, chests, or sigils from the shrine? Ryuu has a lot of issues high rage… low attack after level 100ish … all red… the list goes on

I’ve always brought this up. I guess this will be yet another vote for it lol

I think every time this has been brought up, changing the water drag, PG has said it isn’t that simple. Now, I’m all for changing it, but it does have its uses currently. For instance, I’m NEVER without an active dragon, so I can ALWAYS join runs, even if all of my useful dragons are healing. Of course, now that the Join Attack banner doesn’t go away, it is less of a problem, but still…

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Lol yea, this definitely isn’t something I think anyone is expecting to be changed anytime soon.

I’ve been playing for over a year and Ryuu is brought up every few months, to no effect :man_shrugging: