What to do with XP Potions

Hi! So, I’ve always used XP Potions kinda willy-nilly and I wanted to know if there’s a better way to use them. Save them for a divine? For breeding events when you need to level something quickly? Stare at them judgementally? Lol, just wanted some input as to what ya’ll here on the forums do with them.

I use them if I need help getting a dragon to breedable during breeding :eyes:

In other occasions I just stare at them judgementally lol


I use them to get dragons up to breeding level if I NEED TO in order for that dragon to be breedable by the current/next breeding event. Aside from that, occasionally I will use them to get a divine den capped.

Oh, and I used a bunch on Hauheset just because… still can’t fly him as well as I would like :disappointed:


I save them for breeding events for when i need to power level dragons to get another breed done.

I use them to get the correct spell set that allows me to solo runs so that my dragon is capable on gaining full XP on his own (right now).


I used them to get aib to garnet in a day

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So how do you like him?

He’s fun, different, not used to 2 different cd’s and planning rage pickups on the map. He opens like avyx, but the flash the mages and continue firing part is the fun part. The part where the flash ends is less fun (mostly where I die). He’s not at garnet cap so I’m waiting a little before comparing to avyx.

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What does cd mean?

Cool down.

But I agree with @mechengg that using them for a breeder during breed event is best, and then using it on a dragon you think you’ll enjoy is second.

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