What to look for in a team

I found myself looking for team after team and I was frustrated as I loved some of the teams I joined but they did not have the same ambition I did. So I would like to throw out there for those looking for the right team some suggestions.

Look for like minded
Look for teams with the same goals
Search the forum for a team that might be a right fit
Don’t be afraid to apply for a higher level team even if you are just starting out
Ask questions before you join

Questions to ask
Are you wanting to move forward?
Are you have happy where you are?
Do you want to achieve Atlas or higher?
Does the team communicate?
Are there supportive?
What levels are acceptable?

Please feel to add to this as I feel it is important for those just starting out to understand they don’t have to be stuck in Bronze or even Gold if they have the activity and energy to want to succeed and learn.

Are they competitive? Far too many sandbaggers in that game. Go up until you get beat back down, damnit! cough anyway, yeah.
Oh, and will they pay for your services? (Jk, or am I?)


lots of people look for different things. Some want Atlas, some dont. Some want lots of wars, some dont. Personally i just look at their line groups and pick the team with the best looking people.

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Not sure if you mean the most attractive looking avatars, or the ones with personalities you’d love to hang out with :laughing:


I would hope personalities :joy:


screw personality, im shallow. lol

I’m all about the memes

I enjoy looking at puppy and kitty pictures so those who can send me the best ones get me on their team :man_shrugging:


That’s what gets @forScience too

  • Are all team members held to the same standard?
  • How organized is the team? (Some people find “too much” organization stifling, while others like/thrive in it.)
  • How much flexibility is needed?

mech & Red :rofl:

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Same standard? Are you claiming someone who is REALLY REALLY good looking wouldn’t get special treatment on your team? That seems wrong.

Organization is for suckers

I can touch my toes… not sure how that applies to this game though…

Clearly i am bored today…


Clearly all of you have way to much time on your hands :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

you say that like its a bad thing… :thinking:

There’s always time for pet pictures, doesn’t matter how busy :smiling_imp:


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