What value is this forum?

If you allow posts to be removed simply because people don’t like the poster or the post?

I thought this was a forum for us to engage with PG. That’s what the support team says, anyway.

I’m confused about the purpose of the forum.


Just because that’s what’s happening in your head doesn’t actually make it true. Statements about motivations of post removal like this are very rarely backed by any evidence. Usually those posts are simply a breach of the code of conduct.

Partly, it’s mostly a place to engage with other players. Preferably in a positive and constructive way.

And not, for example, by repetitively spamming one opinion and endlessly droning on about it as if it’s the only opinion that counts. Not targeted at you or anyone specific, but it’s something that happens quite a lot.


I doubt.

Are you sure the post doesn’t violate any rules or contain potential leaks?


The system itself auto flags some posts btw


True, apparently the system feels it’s offensive to say someone went apeshit, as I’ve discovered (and am now retesting)…


I mean it’s not a terrible system. The post is still visible and it very rarely gets truly hidden/deleted.

Besides mods will view the flags and if they feel it’s unwarranted, will undo it.

But it does give the general idea that perhaps what was posted really wasn’t in the right place, was more offensive than intended, exactly as offensive as intended, or is breaking a rule of some sort.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post flagged because they didn’t like the person/the post. It’s usually off topic, in bad taste, or something along those lines

If it straight insta deleted your post then fair enough. But it doesn’t.


Adding too many :cookie: to a post also triggers it :joy::sweat_smile:


There are auto flags, which aren’t accurate(almost like in game chat auto-censor.)

The value of forums is to hear/see perspectives from other players in different leagues and see what’s new with PG.


I have to say that I am generally critical of the game, and never really felt censored.

Flagged posts arent even removed, they’re just obsured until someone clicks on them. One of the best ways to get a post read is if it has been flagged because people usually want to see what it says :eyes: :popcorn:
Most of the time it is flagged as being off topic

Removed posts either were deleted by the author or were removed for Code of Conduct violations. It’s not like I as a normal user can just delete your comment.


Well, I just had 2 messages hidden. the first in months, so I stand corrected :slight_smile: . strayed into a minefield I guess. need to know when to be honest and when to be quiet :slight_smile:

Generally getting flagged has very little to do with “being honest”. It has more to do with knowing when you’re productively contributing to the topic of the post, and when you’re simply arguing with someone to vent or about something quite unrelated.

Not aimed at you personally by the way, just a general observation. I’ve had my fair share of flags too and usually because of this reason.


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Thank you, for giving the readers an example of what i’m talking about.

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You can express your opinions; just be civil and on-topic if you do not wish to be flagged.

You are entitled to your own opinions, the positive and the negative. There are ways to express the negative opinions without being flagged.

You are free to make all of the suggestions that you so desire.

You are not forbidden to post things on the forums, as long as what you post does not breach the Code of Conduct, and does not contain anything that is irrelevant to the topic of the post. Furthermore, moderators are not the only ones that flag posts; just making sure that is fully understood, as the way you are asserting yourself seems to indicate that you think moderators are responsible for all or almost all of the flags (correct me if I’m wrong). If you adhere to the CoC, and keep your posts on-topic, you should be fine.


I actually have had PG employees edit my posts because they didn’t agree with what I said…not because it broke any CoC.

No comment on N.K. :joy:


Comparing PG to North Korea… wonder what there is to not like about it, or to be considered rude


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It’s not called censorship when the person being flagged is being excessively rude or unnecessarily aggressive.

There are PLENTY of people on this forum who express negative opinions all the time, yet no one flags them because they are civil in their ways. When I say “plenty” I really do mean plenty.

There is no valid reason to be cussing around everywhere or making personal attacks against people, even if in a heated argument. Any argument can be resolved civil-ly.

Censorship is when someone makes a statement that someone doesn’t agree with, and they flag/report the post and it is removed. If you can provide a post that was wrongfully flagged or removed, I’d be happy to discuss that matter. But I think you have a wrong view of what censorship is.