What war tactics have you experienced


so…what is the worse ever war tactics used by your enemy team, lets get down to the needy greedy :eyes:

so there is the one hiring mercenary already been discussed many times…high level from other team to back all war runs, and now just saw one with a team taking their minions in like a bunch of lvl 10 to hide their bigs behind them. As well as getting their minions hit outside and hide the red banner with shit load of green banners. So what other types of war tactics have you experienced. :eyes:


It calls Decoys,haha
You’ll see it in every league in every team
Not with small lvls
But with all available ppl,who are on
Goal bot to hide big guy behind specifically low lvls
But to send lots of banners to fool defenders
Normal,legit practice


I know what decoy is :roll_eyes:

what I mentioned was about high team getting their “sister” “brother” “father” “mother” “cousin” “minion” teams to hit your team from whatever leagues they are from and hid their real war banners


My tactic is to go in league chat and talk to the team we’re warring, keeps things interesting




Sounds like you’re just complaining.


Maybe not complaining maybe trying to learn new tactics :smile:


he’s grumpy and cant help it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sneakiest thing we ever did was back when atlas attacks counted as war hits. We had took out their bigs, then we sent some low 300 players to their atlas base and started killing them. The team only had two players with expert highest tier dragons. The two bigs naturally killed the low 300 players, thereby causing those attacks to be used for the war. They had no strong leads against our highest two bases because of this.


yeah sitting with prims at their atlas castles to force them into attacking (generating defense points) was one tactic.

Another one we saw that many members in the team change the name to something very similar and hard to distinguish like llllliiiiiiimmmmmxxxxx and then attack all at once. Or two players switched names (lvl 200 with lvl 400).


Bad war tactics used against my team?

Well honestly I feel most aren’t bad, except for like exploiting glitches and cheating.

In that light: (most of these don’t work anymore thankfully)

  • airplane mode used to prevent defenders or otherwise manipulate the battle in their favor.
  • using a dragon combo known to crash defenders
  • pre-war attacks… an attack that could not get a defend counted against you no matter if you win or lose
  • difficult base not defeated in war, drops loaded taunter along with tons of 1 troop primes on your castle (farming defends)

Clever tactics that aren’t cheating:

  • last player who you are waiting for changes name, has player of the same level join and assume his old name, attacks with player not in the war to draw defenders in a wave where the real player attacks after no defenders are remaining (because everyone thought the one needed to be worried about had been defended) - doesn’t work as well with new banners
  • player attacks with backup. Fails and backup takes as long as they can. Original attacker quits and attacks again while you are still defending the same player… eventually times out
  • very big and tight waves
  • decoy waves where people go who have already gone
  • multiple teams spam with constant non war banners
  • hide an attack on a big base behind many many small players, choosing random ones and just eating the defense points (when you both have bases the other cannot get defended)
  • keep half of your team Not updated and use to attack with old version at the end of the war vs their big bases.
  • have everyone attack bases before the war so that during the war some will logon and revenge hit causing defends and locking into small players.

Never used on me but, I know plenty of people join teams so they can have their team declare war and leave the team. (1 player down).

There are loads and loads and loads.


War Tactics?

Declare within the last 5 minutes before the daily war
Attack within the first 5-10 minutes after the daily war starts

I think some teams does this to make a surprise attack


why let your adversary 5 minutes to get prepared? declare the war 1-2 minutes before and attack 30 s before it starts! :wink:


I think they fixed the pre-war attack. Before, this was possible to do where you attack before the war begins and the enemy can’t obtain any defense points.

I don’t know if they make the attack invalid or defenders can get defense points.


Double declares - like today we are in a war with BWAB and Dread, both declared at the same time and they flew their waves together. Pretty cool to watch actually.


I would love to be in a team and alliance able to do that :heart_eyes:

A really nice organized and disciplined team and working alliance… aaaaahhh… maybe someday


Because when you get a little lag you’re the schmuck that gave the other team 23 hours and 59 minutes to prepare


Most have been mentioned, what really does a team in is combining them. We combine the declare 5 minutes before with a declare from an allied team at the same time with waves from other allies not currently in a war of their own. It requires amazing coordination from our officers (ie "No angry player in LC, we didn’t cheat, your officers just aren’t as good as mine) and it’s a thing of beauty. You’ll see as few as 15 or 20 defenses.


Yeah, I’ve done this and seen bad versions against us. If you do it wrong its pretty much a wash in the attempt.


There was one time when folks didn’t like us and 4 in our league all declared and flew at the same time against us. They flew with another team as well, so waves of 5 teams against us at a time.

We focused on two wars only to push those two teams down a league and stay neutral ourselves and creamed those two teams.

Overall their plan didn’t really go to…plan. Needless to say they didn’t try it a second time