What war tactics have you experienced


Other teams (the teams we face) ARE NOT equal to you all :joy:


I can unequivocally guarantee without question this is NOT a thing.

Neither Dread nor BWAB need any help getting their 5 egg tokens by teaming up. :rofl:

I would like to see what would happen if they warred each other though.


LOLOLOLOLOL that’s pretty funny


You guys must have pissed some people off bad - cos there’s no incentive for those teams to war… :man_shrugging:


Naw, some teams war cause they enjoy it. :heart_eyes:


So… they both declared within seconds of each other… so they both flew waves at the same time… and they both got 0 points. Let’s say it’s a coincidence.


As if either team needed help from the other to beat you. Let’s not be delusional now.


Yeah cause we need to even wave y’all to begin with…


If they did, it was cause they were bored and the team in question was unlucky.


Im confused, wouldn’t coming to the forums to complain about specific teams declaring on you just make you more of a target to be declared on again?


nobody asks you to mention which team you are warring or have warred, “tactic” is what we are discussing :eyes:


Wasn’t complaining about them declaring, in fact, I said that watching the coordinated waves were pretty cool.


Not sure of what we experienced …

A team declared on us. They had two less members, higher team activity, and their highest level base is bigger than ours.

They were winning but for whatever reason they were hitting our bases outside of war. The leader said he didn’t know that is was happening when I asked. Is this a war tactic? And why?


Its common to practice on bases before the war starts. It only really does much if defended.

And some people will cripple their base until the war starts to specifically confuse or mislead them


This isn’t the worst lol I’m just commenting to your merc experience.

A merc was brought in against my team last war. They brought in a level 400+ with most vanguard dragons but it didn’t matter we still won :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think it’s a kind of lame approach honestly! I have put flames on bases level 400 & mid 400s with emerald & Obsidian dragons rather then bringing in someone from the outside!
Takes half the fun out of winning :roll_eyes:


No, they were actively farming us during the war. Michi counted a player leading with lower level alt and backing with his main … seven different times.

So, serving it cold to the punks … we don’t need no mercs to win wars, low level alts baby :smiling_imp:


I have seen the non-war. No attacks until the last 5 minutes. They lost but it was interesting.


It certainly throws the other team off. Lulls them into a false sense of security and they figure you have given up and they perhaps try a bit less.

It’s an interesting tactic for sure but you gotta give your team 15-20 mins to get it all done at the end and be super confident in your big hits


Have a player with a bad connection defend, makes them grid to a halt, not shure if it works like this anymore but used to kick attacker.
Let them see its just you, your backer and the 1 they know is your alt on, then attack and let your backer run the base. The enemy will likely be assuming that the alt cant defend and aim too high, then you get sucsesful defence, possibly even making your own atttack run easyer


I aso remember a time about a year ago when an enemy team managed to get an alt of theirs on our team, without surprise attacks we were almost entirely screwed untill we worked out who the spy was