What was your very first computer game?

As 3rd to DL WD & Very 1st GPF long before any Factions so an Original Contributor allow me to ask y’all what was your very first computer game?

Mine was Banana Toss on the TI99-4A had to write 25 pages of code with no means of data storage so 25 pages of old school BASIC [tho I’m fluent in FORTRAN & at age 10 top in the world in Direct Process Linguistics - Machine Whisperer] every time I wanted the thrill of tossing pixel bananas over sky scrapers! Loads of fun My brother and I were given our TI99-4A’s 4 full years before release to the public so no gaming cartridges!


The Little Computer People for the Commodore 64. I remember it had a tiny screen but my uncle bought my brother and I a monitor for it. So we could see what we were playing. We got a bunch of games on floppy disks. It’s amazing to see how far technology has evolved over time.


Haven’t touch a computer for about 7 - 10 years but laptop like computers before school the first games I got into for laptop was some sight that had games on it but it wasn’t Coolmath, I’ve already forgotten the name but there was this Dragon Ball esc Sonic x Mario crossover with it and it is on YouTube now it was basically a flash game so Rip all Flash games out there. It was called Super Mario Bros Z. I think another one of the computer games was basically a baby’s first educational computer game in a nutshell. I think it’s also sad that computer games might be nearing the end of their era. It’s quiet funny though because I went from computer to a tablet and then I was like hey this Tablet is addictive just like a computer but way easier to use and can be damaged in a few ways unlike laptops sometimes they’ll have flimsy designs were if your not careful enough a joint could accidentally break, I think it has to be based on which laptop you get however.

Edit: I do now recall I played a little bit of another flash game named Final Fantasy Sonic X and never really saw much of it other than I pretty much skipped to the final scene and 2 other scenes which I have very foggy memory of. I only remember this because of YouTube videos on this and Super Mario Bros Z.

I also found what website it was it was this site Webgames.com except you’d have to look up the website by either typing in Webgames or looking up the site by dragging your finger near the link. I think this is one of those sites but I believe there was another site I used that was red, black, and mostly white in color where I found those now dead flash games.

@WolfWitchLuna (big fan BTW so love the Backstory) yeah I was trying to just say Video Game but wasn’t looking for Arcade - however not big fan of how MS backed by Sony finagled semantics to lord over Gaming thereafter - yet nobody asks why can’t play X-Box games on Windows PC’s much less why there are no Sony parts inside Sony equipment. And don’t get me started on MS & OEM Partners True-Digital 30 Year Trade Embargo supposed to end in 2010 - still ongoing - BINARY Ones and Zeros whereas TruDigital everything in between and beyond - unlimited compression storage and unbeatable encryption!


I do know there is a jumpscare Maze game, same goes for terrifying Berserk occurrences it’s similar to the urban legends of Polybius but it didn’t cause seizures it mainly affected people’s hearts because people were so focused on getting the highest scores on these games, also I must say hearing and seeing footage of the game that creepy face is so unnerving.

First mobile games I got into were DragonVale and Dragon City think I mainly got into those Puzzle games then I got bored of them so until I found something I liked I literally was like “I’m going to use Safari” in a nutshell. Basically used YouTube most the time. Luckily have at least a few mobile game options now and a way to try to better my digital art skills now that I decided to as the men / women say it “man up” to the task.

Minesweeper first lol.

But at ages 7 and 9 my brother and I graduated to heretic II :joy:. I hated everytime I got a scare when the infected people jumped at us so I forced myself to play it more with my brother cause Im a brave girl and no 7 yo boy would beat me :joy::rofl::woman_facepalming:t2:. Good memories lol.


Command & Conquer then C&C Zero Hour…wish I could play right now

I have no idea if you’ll even find Fnaf (Five Nights at Freddy’s) scary in today’s age, the series has songs btw.

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In 1985 : Who Dares Wins

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I don’t remember the name of the game, but it had a penguin and I had to walk it avoiding obstacles.

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Okay so not Penguin Diner?

Think mine was hangman, well technically it was part of a suite of games but can’t remember the others (oh battleship may have been one of them)

I’mwolfenstien 3D the original version

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The doom the. Quake

May not be the first game I played but first game that I remember: M.U.L.E.

Pc game, solitare

Very first, Load Runner or Chessmaster. Very best, Command & Conquer Generals (China) and C&C Generals: Zero Hour (GLA Demo General)

  1. It was Dungeons of Daggorath. Still have it and works on my very old trs-80.
  2. But could be Pong (depends on how you define computer).

Dungeon Master (1987 FTL Games)