What we could do with all our extra dragon eggs:

Players who reach a certain level should be able to convert extra dragon eggs from lower tiers to higher tiers.

For example, 5 Red Eggs for 1 Purple, 10 Purple for 1 Blue, 15 Blue for 1 Orange, 20 Orange for 1 Green, Etc

This would save egg tokens and give players a chance finish their research tiers.

The current elemental flak tower META needs to change.

Please buff up weaker towers with new research effects in each tier:

Red Tier - Ballista HP increase by _ %
Purple Tier - Poisen inflicts _ % damage of dragon’s total hp each second
Blue Tier - Poison decreases dragon’s attack speed by _ %
Orange Tier - Ballista attack speed and range increases by _ %
Green Tier - Poison slows down rage generation by _ %
Gold Tier - Poison drains rage by _ %

Red Tier - HP Increase by _ %
Purple Tier - Trebuchet Range increases by - %
Blue Tier - Trebuchet Attack Speed increases by _ %
Orange Tier - Stun Effect duration stacks with other trebuchet supershots
Green Tier - Supershots have _ % of breaking/disabling dragon shields
Gold Tier - Supershots have _ % of hitting cloaked dragon

Perhaps we could also have a Dragon Egg Shop, where we can buy various items such as Heal Potions, Speedups, Spells, and Dragon/Tower Buffs with our extra dragon eggs.

If you’re also frustrated with all the extra dragon eggs you’ve accumulated, please let me know your thoughts and opinions about this.

I’m Emerald, currently level 201. I have been following Red’s Breeding Path since blue tier, and I have never had excess eggs in any tier we have research for. However, I have 6 Garnet eggs I can’t use for anything, and even my Builder’s Hut’s demanding emerald eggs now.

Apart from a very few - mostly totally useless or expensive and not-so-useful - tiles the Research Hall is just there, waiting for an update that may never happen.

Well if you have phweemph you can feed the extra eggs to him :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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