What would be a convincing spell set for Mythic Divine warrior/sorcerer over a hunter?


For those that fly hunters well, I’m convinced that Mythic Divine hunters are currently the go-to dragon over the warriors and sorcerers. Without getting too out of hand, what would be some existing or proposed spell sets for a warrior or sorcerer that would have you think twice about going for a hunter such as Neptus or Pathox?


For sorcerers and warriors to be a less shit class in general.


Well, actually Aristrat seems really really good.
White Chaos ( +175% atk that mens the Drag will do 275% his base dmg ) , WHITE FLASH, elemental resist, a 0 rage galvanic overload.
Seems better then Pathox


Not even close. I’m sorry mate but he has warrior syndrome in a massive way in that if he can’t kill them during his steroid he dies. He hits his level safely. No more. He is NOT better than pathox at all.

That’s not me saying he is bad. He is decent for a warrior. But that’s with emphasis on for a warrior.


Yes but when you add in gear, research, boosts, and runes it only ends up being like a 70% damage boost. Meh.

Edit: my math is definitely off, but the point still stands.


until now 7 Pathox attacked my base ( 6 emeralds and 1 obsidian ). None of them can pass my kill island. Spam hammer beat that long nose drag

edit, i have towers lv52 and mages lv50


My comment is on him being better than the warrior. Sure maybe you defend well but a good pathox will beat you


I’d have to say that Aristrat and Corthanak are probably about as close as I’ve seen. Toss a “disables building healing” (or just a higher damage boost) onto Aristrat and a good “dragon healing” (or just a higher damage area-effect) spell onto Corth and I think you’d pretty much have it.

A warrior needs to be able to A) survive and B) deal damage fast enough to be useful. Warriors usually fail on the second point. Give a warrior some serious damage potential to go with its survival spells - better still, add the ability to shut down hammers - and you’d have a warrior that could be worth flying. If the warrior can’t outdamage or block hammers, it’s not gonna be viable long-term.

A sorcerer needs to be able to recover from/protect from damage, and absolutely needs an area-effect spell. Either the area-effect needs to be white, or it needs something similar like a white shield, a white single-target kill, and a colored area-effect spell. If the sorcerer can’t rapidly disable or destroy an island then it’s not gonna be the usual go-to.

…basically, to make them really good, they need:

  • Health and rage regen mechanisms

  • A good white shield (or a white mechanism to protect it)

  • Either a big white boost to effective damage (warriors) or a white area-nuke (sorcerers).

Edit: Huitzil would have come pretty close if his shield still did good damage (or his lightning was better) since he has rage regen, health regen, a white shield, and a white way to deal damage. But at the minute, his damage isn’t quite high enough to make him up there, even at the tiers when he counts as Mythic.


I assure you those were not properly flown. A properly flown pathox can take out towers two tiers above him


Lemme guess they cloaked and tried to beat you with chill? :rofl:


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Red is right; the question should be, “what would make sorcerers and warriors good?” Currently the method is to give them overpowered abilities and bigger numbers. This is a dumb way to make things good because they reduce the impact of how you fly on the outcome you get. General direction of changes that I’d like to see:

Warriors should have toggleable / short-duration abilities and passives, with situational trigger conditions that the player needs to manage. Gladicus’s shield and Lion’s Pride / Starburn like abilities are ok starts but these abilities make a ton more sense if they’re continuous rather than discrete.

Sorcerers should move away from the blaster mage paradigm and into a craftier wizard paradigm. There are a lot of options here: more abilities that disable / impose pseudo-disables (charming or dominating towers), controllable summons that do more than just sit in front of the dragon and hold their little dragon thumbs down, summons that are drastically more powerful than the summoner but have limitations (duration, certain towers), abilities that alter their spellset (c.f. A&A), teleport abilities, abilities that alter your flight path, abilities that debuff towers in interesting way (“no, you aren’t a flak tower anymore; I’m turning you into a frog tower”), and on and on. Every fantasy-themed game with wizards has some good ideas, and there are dozens of popular ones you can ransack for ideas more interesting than “make tower go boom.”


I suddenly find myself wanting a sorcerer who can make the base it is attacking look like it’s being assaulted by the same plagues that haunted Egypt :eyes: I think it was your talk of frogs…


Back when my team was Egyptian-themed, my alts used to be named after the plagues of Egypt, particularly as showcased in this song:

Uh, you may have seen little ISendTheHorde or ISendTheSwarm in your Atlas defense log during an unfortunate misunderstanding about a month ago. :joy:


Given my memory I probably forgot if I saw them or not :joy: And thanks for linking the video… I’m watching it while gold mining :laughing:


I think Warriors and Sorcerers will be better when they nerf the Hammer spams (And the glitched Op hammers :eyes: ) on defence. Or if they are given ability, that their attacks/spells causes buildings not to be able to heal by anything ( like Hammers or lumber mills). :roll_eyes: I think all these have been suggested before a million times already but doubt it ever happening so… :man_shrugging:


re balance the entire game and create more stats and towers to deal with each specific case.

sorcs = magic damage
hunters = DPS
warrior armor = low dmg, high armor, but have disable spells to set up bases.

Towers can have specifc stats too such as

Armor vs hunters
Magic def vs sorcs
%DOT vs warriors

Honestly I put almost no thought into this, adding a whole number of stats like that would likely just create a new game.


I kinda see it a bit different.

Warriors should be juggernauts. Take a while to start but are very hard to stop. High hp and gain more damage over time. Either the longer their breath is on the same target or make it based on the more damage they have taken. Make them want to flirt with death.

Hunters are the precision burst dragons as they are now. They pick bases apart.

Sorcerers should be the aoe explode everything class. Big expansive abilities that hit multiple towers and have cc. Rage intensive and squishy.


This doesn’t really contradict my post. Also that’s exactly how they are right now xd.

Some warriors do have this kind of spells already xd.


Those are my ideas of how they should be. Hunters are that already I agree.

I don’t know any warrior that increases damage with how much damage they take over the fight. Leos does at a single point. I also don’t know any warrior whose damage increases the longer it stays on one tower