What would make YOU spend money on War Dragons?


I’m genuinely curious about this, and I imagine at this point that some of the answers might actually help in some way. What would make you open up your in-game store and follow through with a purchase? Specifically…

  • What is your incentive to spend currently? (None is an option)
  • What changes would make you more inclined to spend or spend more than you do now?

Personally, If PG pulled a Soulja Boy (think ringtones/micropurchases a la 2004) and started selling new portraits specifically made for this purpose, like say $5 for new portraits and $10 for any limited-time portraits like this IWD portrait pack. I think they could make a bunch of money off of vanity items like that.

Bring back Dragon armor and charge $10 per set of armor, interchangable by dragon class, like Warriors can use this set but a Sorcerer couldn’t & vice versa. They could cost a small amount of rubies like rider gear to remove the set as to continue to use on your favorite dragons as those favorites change. $20 Limited-Time Festive armor packs would sell like hot cakes.

Sell us base skins instead of changing them for everyone. Give us permanent, interchangable options that we can purchase, based on the regions explored though dragon lore and seasons. $10-$20 a pop.

Season packs with extra season-specific, limited time armors, portraits, and base skins would be another welcome money grab.

As far as gameplay driven spending, I need PG to give me more of an incentive to spend. In my case, I need to see balance changes in regard to a large reduction of the pay/skill-time gap. It needs to still be worth it to whales who are already spending to continue doing so, just like it needs to be worth it to me or any other average citizen to break a little bread here and there more often because I know my spending will supplement my activity. Knowing that it’s not a significant game changer would actually be fine and more worth it to me, knowing that it’s just helping me achieve something I could have done on my own with more time played in a reasonable amount of time. At this stage of the game, there would be nothing wrong with more players having a competitive edge and I think would shift focus to buying Atlas packs for higher tier players while giving incentive to new players to spend on the traditional packs.

Personally I think PG just can’t see that a lot of us desire to spend money on this game, but don’t because of how much is needed to bridge an impossible gap or lack ways to spend money on this game that directly relates to the fun and personalized side of things. They could get a lot money from everybody or continue to dig in the biggest pockets until those people decide they’ve had enough. But that’s just my opinion based on Publisher stock charts :roll_eyes::man_shrugging:

What about you?

[solved] Looking for Poll about f2p e2p p2w

I stopped reading at “past event portrait”. Thought this could be an interesting discussion until you went there :man_facepalming:


I mean, you’re right :joy: I edited it out. It’s 3am lol and this question originated from a conversation I had with a lower level teammate from an older team who didn’t start playing until seasons started and always wanted a particular portrait from the old events that I had. Personally, I have a lot of old portraits and don’t care either way if someone new purchased it. I understand more with the season branch portraits being a touchy subject since they required a lot more time and effort than a weekend to obtain - but that’s originally where my head was at. Like I don’t care if everyone wanted to buy Pog, it doesn’t make me feel less special for having earned him, and maybe they could mark the purchased ones in some way (or give an “earned on date” stamp under portraits in the player info screen) idk, I’m just kinda flinging ideas out right now.

I would rather, of course, see them come out with a bunch of new, purchasable options for portraits.


The same half price packs they offered to some but not others.


Portraits display what people have achieved. If they become purchasable they really don’t display anything, they become purely cosmetic. That’s my reason for hating that idea. What I do think is there needs to be more portraits accessible for larger achievements, like 100M medals, but that’s a little off topic.

The problem is often it’s the people saying they want the gap between big spenders and grinders to be closed who then say packs are bad value and they need improving. Making packs more valuable widens the gap between grinders and spenders.

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Well, it is a little off topic but I agree with game based achievement portraits getting some attention too. Maybe after some key balance changes and bug fixes but still, should be added to a to-do list somewhere in the office.

As far as your second point I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what you’re trying to say. Because I definitely said the opposite of increasing their immediate in-game value BASED on balance and less of a gap between spending/skill players. If you can already reach content in a reasonable (a whole other spiel on this) amount of time, or for players who are already all caught up to current end game content making it so they can reach the next tier of end-game as an elite player shortly before the NEXT next tier is released based on activity/performance/wise resource allocation then the whales are still gonna drop a ton to be the world first, and more players might opt into spending to speed up the progress they see is attainable but now also feel empowered to use some money to save their own valued time…

The reason the average player doesn’t spend is because they understand that it would currently cost them thousands (and thousands) of dollars to make it anywhere near end-game, and then even more to stay there consistently - as it currently does.

The majority of those who spend only do so to supplement their game, but with an understanding that it is to remain relevant to their team and league, and not the game itself.

In any case, you have yet to contribute to the conversation outside of disagreeing that what I would spend my money on should be implemented. Which is fine, but you haven’t answered the question either. I’m curious to know what would make you spend your money. That’s what this is ultimately about.


It’s difficult to try and word it.

How a lot of people will read this point is “increase the value of packs”. I’m not saying that’s what you’re saying, consider it me predicting the inevitable response


As for spending, I’m probably what you would consider a light to moderate spender. I bought the portrait pack that came out recently primarily because it was a better value pack than the regular packs. I don’t think the portrait was a huge influence. I do admit however, if I saw a portrait in the packs that I liked that wasn’t necessarily a valuable pack, I’d still buy the crap out of it :grimacing:


Changed my mind.
Perhaps stock? :eyes:


To clarify, I’m speaking in reference to points I’ve made in regard to changing prize incentive, wars, and the skill/pay gap in other threads in this forum. It’s not that I think the store-bought packs need any kind of overhaul, as much as the game itself to promote more competition, which will in turn influence the way that people make purchases. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would love to be able to become more relevant to the end-game through hard work and supplementing some money for lost time, which overall means probably more per month than just the one guy being relevant quickly because he’s got it like that, because that guy is still going to spend, and likely on atlas packs, which of course I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I have to imagine the atlas spender packs are highly neglected overall compared to the original packs.


Stock? Im confused as to what you mean? I didn’t see your original post.


I’ll start spending if they offer a decent value again. They offered me 15k rubies for $20, if they match that or do better I’ll start spending again. Until then no packs for me. 35k rubies for $100 is just stupid. I did buy the IWD pack for the portrait but that’s not something I’d buy regularly.


I don’t spend atm, and playing non transferable account is not profitable.

Buying stock on WD’s owner company has higher profit chance than playing…
(if possible…)


When did they offer those :eyes: I want them too lol but I never saw any issue with dropping my 100 on a 35k ruby pack that had bonus items in it as well, but I do feel like the overall pack value has gone down based on progression and some of the bonus items being included in those packs feeling the bare minimum. There’s no real bang for your buck or items that would keep you sustained in other ways. I think having a lot of different options for each tier pack would be a good place to start, like $100 pack based around timers, or defensive items, or offensive item/potion packs, or token/xp packs just diversifying in specialized value might make the packs more attractive for different players as opposed to a $100 pack with your 20,000 rubies, 2000 sigils, 2000 tokens, a handful of defensive and offensive boosts and 10 gold chests.


I mean… I’m sure you knew coming into this that playing this game was never going to be profitable to you in any way. Right? We are the ones who spend the money in this relationship.

I can see how buying stock in the parent company might incentivize you to spend your money, but not really the direction of the questions here. Curious tho, can you elaborate on why buying stock in the parent company would be important to you?


Not really important, but much better than spending money here.
At least that’s what I thought…


I like the sigil packs they released last fall season. Although I wish they’d be a bit cheaper 100$ for 5500 sigil 50$ for 2500 10$ for 500 normally I’d buy a few of the 50 $ pack


I guess I’m just trying to understand why it would be a better option. Even tho it’s kind of off topic.

Why would you want to be a stockholder if not to have some kind of influence on how money was being made by the company? Or is it strictly because you view it as being profitable since they seem to be doing ok with getting their mitts in our bank accounts?

Maybe message your reply, I don’t see this chain coming back to this topic.


Just treat it as not exist then :joy:
On topic.
I’m playing for fun, and not spending adds extra fun.


And as I predicted, “make packs more valuable” appears :roll_eyes: