What would make YOU spend money on War Dragons?


I would, probably, pay for pack of “auto-flights”, so you don’t need to destroy the beasts again and again to mine all gold, when you have elite. E.g. flight once, then press " repeat", “repeat”, …, which instantly will do the same action. Similarly in some events, like Temple Raid - you destroy the final base once by each evolution of dragon, then all subsequent temples use auto-pilot.

Basically, any action which should be repeated again and again just kill the mood, and the thing with atlas mines and 20 flights to get all gold is the main thing that hold me from taking monthly elite - each time after week of atlas elite I feel tired :slight_smile: (no, leaving some gold in mines, and not going till x5 is not an alternative). So, I would pay for time saving.


Time for AFK-type game? :eyes:


That will make me spend 100%:point_up_2:
(I bought that pack at the end of fall season)


Currently I have zero incentive to spend. Prices are insane for the relative progress. I don’t expect to jump 100 levels for $20 or drop $100 and get a mythic - but at the same time, I need to see tangible progress for the money, and the ‘value packs’ hardly represent any real value at all.

We all have hobbies and such, and for me to spend, I compare what I get in game to what I would get if I spent the same towards my other hobbies. WD loses every single time by a laughable margin. And my hobbies aren’t cheap - I remodel houses and buy/sell/work on cars. For what my teammate spent to obtain both mythics last season, I could literally put a new turbo on my current toy car, or I could do several track days, or I could put a 2 post lift in my garage. Hell, I just bought my wife a fancy new 60" x 42" jetted whirlpool bathtub for less than he spent.

If he’s happy, I’m happy for him, but I see no value in the packs sold in game compared to anything else I am even remotely interested in :man_shrugging:


If I could buy items individually, rather than in a pack that would go a long way.

This past breeding event I needed an extra 50k egg tokens. I did not need:
20 ice shards
20 fire shards
50 black pearls
30 one hour timers
Or a partridge in a pear tree

I also think these items are grossly overvalued. The most I’d pay for that 50k egg tokens is about 5 bucks. You might say, “what? That’s an insanely low price for so many tokens!” But I would answer, not really. That’s 5 bucks to finish a crappy lineage dragon that I will use for about 3 days until he’s breedable. One dragon out of a hundred more just like him.

This is a mobile game, you will never have my $99. :rofl:


Want non-spenders to buy some packs without adversely affecting the sending habits of your whales? Periodically have a BOGO sale, e.g., free or 50% off second, on packs. Limit it to one per player. That way you only lose revenue from one pack from the spenders but will more than make up for it from the purchasers by non-spenders.


Atlas elite makes Atlas actually playable, but it’s too expensive for me to have all the time. If it were more of a reasonable price I’d look at having it all the time. Currently I just dip in an out.

For me (Scrooge McDuck) the price of many of the packs is laughable. Real money should buy significantly more than is offered. I’m not going to spend what would be about 2 weeks worth of food for me and my family on some in game currency which will be spent in a heartbeat and leave me wanting more. I relate the buying of these packs to a gambling addiction. There’s no end game.

That said, each to their own.


Micropurchases have been brought up before. Almost every time, people have loved the idea. Throwing a dollar or two at a skin for your base is nothing. Or a few dollars for a portrait. People would probably pay for different clothes for their riders lol


10€ = 100K Egg tokens. I would buy that.
Other than that I already contribute with normal elite and atlas elite subs.


I can’t buy anything if I want to, I have a salary of $0 for being in 13 years of school


If I wasn’t in game so much I’d actually spend more money… ETM, gold runs, XP, quests… it gets exhausting. Currently I have Atlas and Regular Elite.

I don’t react well to being forced to spend (progression). Honestly if it was easier I’d have more fun and be more liable to spend money for the pure enjoyment. Weird I know.


Honestly this, but realistically the only thing that would maybe make me spend is having. A greater chance for elite gear, elite rider and more shards, but as it’s tied to glory :man_shrugging:t2: Other than that I don’t see any reason to spend. I last spent over a year ago for Neptus and tor. Not to include the one pack I bought for atlas and elite


Honestly I don’t know. If pack value increases, it means the heavy spenders get a far greater advantage.

Would I honestly spend money on cosmetics at this moment? No I wouldn’t. I spend for elite as it is for the reasonable progress it gives for a reasonable cost.

Would I spend on packs now? No I don’t feel they really add value proportionate to their costs. I mean the £100 pack gets me what, a few levels. Maybe 15 at a push. I could get 2-4 entire games for that. I just don’t think increasing the benefits is a great idea either due to it making non spenders even less valuable. That and to get anything close to an idea of what I’ll actually get I have to play with spreadsheets to see what gold chests will give me

I can’t think of anything outside of elite that really makes me want to spend


Cosmetic stuff is fun, and one of the only things in the game that I feel means anything since everything else is expendable and far overvalued. I bought the IWD day pack for the portrait, my first purchase that was not elithe, and if they made another cool portrait I would probably buy that one too. I’d also buy a base skin, dragon gear, all the fun stuff that doesn’t affect gameplay but fulfills some inexplicable desire I have to optimise.

I’ll never buy a real pack, even if they change it to be decent value (which they are not even remotely close to atm). I don’t have the money for it. But a ten dollar pack with something I can enjoy for as long as I play the game, definitely.


I agree with Wolf’s sentiment. Similarly, my first purchase on this game, outside of elite, was also the International Women’s Day portrait pack. I still thought it was somewhat overpriced but I loved the portrait. :slight_smile:

I may spend again on future themed cosmetic packs, but especially so if they would contribute some of the proceeds to charitable causes. For example, they could have donated a portion of the IWD pack sales to organizations that further equality.


I think for me it’d be something like Elite - where spending to get it in the first place does very little, and the amount of effort you put in after getting it can make a huge difference. Give me a buff to chest drop chances, or shard drop chances, for example. Or a bonus meter that improves the quantity/quality of your drops, that’s driven by the number of medals you earned that week.

Or even options that work synergistically with one another. Give me a chance that an egg mission will give me mystic fragments. Give me the ability to use both builders on one building, and halve the number of timers required.

I’d much rather spend $100 on something that’d boost gold chest drop chances by 1000% (or whatever) for the year than on a handful of gold chests.

In fact, I’d probably go for anything that greatly rewards spending, but ONLY if it’s combined with a very high in-game activity. The egg token bonus line is a good example of this - the cost is the same for everyone, but the benefit depends immensely on how much effort you put into running egg missions.


Likely because people aren’t thinking critically enough about what could be done instead to reduce the gap they are seeing. They want their time/money to go farther than it does. Understandable. But I agree that just giving more value for money spent isn’t likely nor productive.


This is more toward what I meant by fine-tuned packs. Giving people specific value like a pack based around rubies, or sigils, or tokens, or farming xp, etc. will give people more of a reason based on their needs to buy packs. I know that’s what they are trying to do with the individualized packs but so far it doesn’t seem to work very well.


An application that’s compatible with Android. The ability to turn off VFX as it impedes performance.


I can’t get behind the $5 price tag necessarily and neither would PG lol, but I get it, 100%

Again this is along the lines of packs geared toward specific purposes which is a lot more incentive to buy when you have the extra cash instead of waiting for a decent pack that’s got more of what you want but still feels like it’s not enough of what you want and too much of what you don’t want :joy: