What would make YOU spend money on War Dragons?


Agreed on Atlas Elite, it’s just not reasonable compared to normal Elite. The price structure should match up.

2nd part of what you’re saying I think comes down to the pay/skill gap being closed up. It’s not that the value of packs isn’t enough, it’s that it should be there give boosts to the hard work and time you’re already putting in.


Great ideas here :raised_hands:


50% off first pack purchase each event


if they actually fixed all the game stability issues (mainly atlas) everything else is getting to be irrelevant if the game doesn’t work


I’ve missed your replies :slight_smile:


Most Desirable First:

  1. I would pay a lot to recycle old towers.

  2. I would pay a good amount to recycle fire and ice shards and other useless junk.

  3. I would happily pay for a “Super Atlas Elite” for 3x Atlas Elite payout on gold, shards.

  4. I would be willing to actually pay for shards if they were 1/5 the current price, now way over priced.

  5. I’d be more likely to keep this stupid game if it didn’t crash so much. Sometimes I get so fed up I consider quiting and that would be a big loss to them eventually if a lot of people quit, but no short term easy money which is why they never bother with it.


I think the super atlas elite is a little short-sighted and could be mended in other ways, but overall I agree with the other points, especially about recycling old towers or transmuting materials into something useful.


Fire shards and ice shards just need to stop existing. I truly hope this has been heard by now.


Fire and Ice shards are actually reasons why i STOPPED spending… got sick of getting them when I open packs.


Make packs better. The ultra whales already have maxed bases, towers in storage, and millions of egg tokens. Spending 100 to get not even a level, a fraction of a dragons, or revive/build less troops than I will lose in a day or two just isnt worth it anymore. I’m not suggesting a massive hike, but some sort of inflation should have eventually kicked in or continue reducing tower costs.

The last spending I did was to get Surt. So not only do packs not provide significant value, the value I did get was significantly nerfed. The only spending i will do is the elites, and perhaps an occasional pack if my inner fires or energy runs low.


I think this is a good idea if they do levels of Atlas Elite. For me, I don’t really care what other people get but the current Atlas Elite is the only way it’s worth actually playing in Atlas as otherwise it’s a massive grind and I just don’t have the time. I’d rather be able to fill me coffers in 3 runs to get my gold to build my troops than the 8+ runs it takes without Atlas Elite.

I understand that making Atlas Elite cheaper/more reasonable will annoy some people and, as such, they should introduce another level of Atlas Elite for these players to get extra benefits.

For me it’s more about playability. It’s a quality of life thing. I work, I have children, I have a life outside of this game but I still want to play this game when I have the chance. I’m an E2P player to make the main game more playable and if the same was offered for Atlas Elite (as it is currently) I’d buy it for the year.


This. Instead of super atlas elite. Atlas elite should be cheaper, and there should different options for different people to boost certain aspects of grinding. They have boosts like these in a ton of mobile games and would make a lot more sense than having levels to elite.


If they did this, unlike previously, instead of it being just for looks make it serve some function. It’s interesting they come up with riders with functional armor yet completely ignored the prior mechanism where it made the most sense. How the heck does putting armor on a rider increase a “dragon’s” attack and health. These developers obviously aren’t Vulcan!

Anyway, nonfunctional aspects of the game don’t do much for me so I’m not going to spend on pretty bobbles. I’m more apt to spend when I see long-term longevity issues being addressed with visible results. Having Dragons’ Spells still not functioning properly (if at all sometimes) gives me pause as why should I spend only to later have those spells glitching and then not be fixed? From a game design perspective I don’t see any effort to address the ever expanding divide in Atlas and I could go on. I’m maintaining my E2P but that is it.


I agree to an extent.

I think first and foremost that bugs and balance should always be the priority of the developement of any game, but I also recognize that PG focusing all of their income on the backs of player progress has put a huge divide in place that needs to be addressed. They need to be able to make money, but trying to balance a game in which they have created so much monetary imbalance just isn’t going to continue to work.


I would pay for decent egg packs. Currently the best deal I’ve seen is 30K for $100. That’s insane! If I’m going to drop $100, I want enough eggs to breed a dragon. I would buy 100k eggs for $100 every breeding event.


I agree with this totally!!
When I was a lot smaller that seemed like it got me a lot farther then it does now at my current level…
I hate to say more value in packs… but shouldnt they be level based in some form… maybe not the rubies but at least the bonuses or gold chests… what am I gonna so with 50 battle cry spells :joy:. 2000 embers might level up a decoy flax… not my main ones…

The gold chests drops to me would be a huge incentive to spend more, this includes sigils payouts and RSS payouts and timer increases… it just doenst make much sense for the same amount of prizes to be available across such a broad gap.
Just my opinion though.


I would like to see chests values based on what PG assigns them as drops, for example, during non-events you receive 10 rubies rather than a bronze chest during runs; however, in the armory bronze chests are valued at 100 rubies. Why are they worth 10x more in the armory?

Of course, since we are using real money to pay for make believe items, so I would like to see a unicorn drop.


Aw. Thanks, mech. I was trying to avoid logging in, while Support fixed an issue with my account, but I finally got a message from them saying basically “We will pass it on to the team, but we have no intention of doing any more work to resolve your problem.” So…yeah. I might as well make things work as best I can.

On topic: The reason I suggested an increased focus on boost options is that they help a specific group of players - active players. This would do a little more to balance out the heavy grinder/heavy spender dynamic.

Boosting the amount of resources in packs helps everyone, but helps heavy spenders more; introducing boosts does just the opposite, allowing people who play a lot and spend a little to be more competitive with those who play a little and spend a lot.


I will agree 100% with you.


Yes I would definitely buy the 50 K ruby packs again!