What would u guys do


If it means you can finish the first page of your rider, then yes, they are worth it.


:sob:used 10k rubies and i got 3 prizes left… i might have to do 1 more 10x opens with event prize as well… to get last 3 prizes of first page


If you don’t get Oksana to level 50 before the season ends, you’ll never get another chance and she’ll always be sub-par.


I am not completely certain not having an event rider to level 50 is that crippling, as long as you have atlas. The rider’s actual buffs pale in comparison to the buffs legendary armor gives. So stressing out over loosing the chance to get that +5% AP from getting the last set of rider shards makes little sense, when one piece of armor can give you 3 times that.

That is my take on it.


But the rider’s level determines how much armor you can equip to him or her. Without those final shards, you won’t be able to do a full set of armor.


Isn’t it only season gear that has rider level requirements? Iirc the restrictions on Atlas gear were removed due to complaints


Isn’t the requirement just getting all of its shards?


I wouldn’t know. All my riders are maxed and the only set of armor I have is on grogg. I don’t want to spend the rubies to try testing if the level requirements are still there for season riders :laughing:


well after 15k rubies on super sigil chests, i managed to complete the last 2 lines of the first page of oksana ans got her expert… those rubies were very hard to save lol… was gonna save them for summer season and get a good start on the season but ah well


Shimo is right. I barely started Grogg, but I currently have legendary gear equipped on him.


For every single slot? That’s good to know


Nice, didn’t know that either. Might have to get my crap grogg off of Ettin doing missions lol


I had had him on Kaiju doing missions, until I noticed that he could accept gear. Then I moved him to Aibrean and started crafting :joy:


I have my level 1 Tor on my perch and just equiped him with defense gear. My atlas defense rider already gives the buffs anyway to the whole base. The gear is the most important part of a rider and event gear just doesnt do it compared to Atlas epic/legendary/mystic gear.


I am pretty sure perches and riders no longer buff the entire base, unless you are talking about non-combat buffs.



I have Oksana and was hugely disappointed to find that the gear from her tier was NOT upgradable. What the heck!?
We bought that gear with precious sigils, only to find out that we can craft better gear than that.
PG Please fix this issue, it’s unacceptable.
I was so exited to get her gear…until I did and it was wimpier than the gear I’d crafted for her. Makes me really not want to get another rider through an event, or at least hold off to see if their gear is upgradable.


If so, then PG has a serious error in this announcement.


My mistake!


Yeah, I just redid my base by moving everything from lighthouse to final base, defense went up about 60%.


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