What would you like Atlas Guides on?


Greetings Conquerors!

Atlas’s rollout is ramping up, and more and more people will be experiencing Atlas for the first time. Even with a tutorial, there will still be a lot of mechanics, strategy, and other tidbits that won’t be immediately obvious to players. @Gox1201 has put together a fantastic guide so far here, but we want to help fill this out more!

Tell us what kind of new guides you’d like to see, or any additions to parts that might need more details!


I’m thinking that it might be the little things that aren’t necessarily obvious or may need confirmation.

  1. Little features in the UI such as tapping on the primarch in the upper left will let you switch between fixed north and being able to rotate the screen (green)
  2. Which structures are the ones that have a chance drop bronze chests? (ones that may drop bronze chests) This was pretty obvious in core due to having names and being tappable, excluding the Ruby Mine.


what guides has PG put out so far? I have not seen a one? anything would be good at this point. I have no idea what I am doing in Atlas and honestly have zero desire to spend any time in it.


That’s the point of this post @Odie. We’ve put out guides and previews on other things before like perches and riders. You can spend as much time on Atlas as you want, but if you elect ‘zero’, then these guides wouldn’t be much help to you I suppose. :dodo:



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