What you doing besides sitting there looking

A phrase I always say when people ask me what I doing since there’s no event what are you doing?

Sipping tea and doing housework

Me I’m sitting here looking stupid

Sitting here reading all posts from Blood lol


Sitting here trying not to fall asleep😂

Well let’s see I’ve been reading my kids’ books bc I’m so bored :joy:

I actually read green eggs and ham twice and clifford books and spot books and the famous leo the late bloomer

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Poking at learning C# programming language while keeping up on posts here :slightly_smiling_face:


no event no PvP in Atlas for another 4h when its supposed to start now

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excellent idea, I’ll join you

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Hire this guy he most likely know more now then your programers

Do a lot of people’s lives revolve around this game?

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Yes lol

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Well game has a pvp so it’s better than nothing mods can close thread

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