What you’ve done to Necryx?!

Mine Necryx lost 200m power
Same with other players
Explain please?
@Arelyna @PGCrisis

Did you remove a rune or boost? Rider gear? The general attack power number isn’t really indicative of a power drop—look at the DPS and health stats instead. :t_rex:


My L50 Necryx is identical to the power it’s been for the past 3 months.

Did you bond that rider accidentally to Axi when he was born for more XP or something? I have been known to do that lol

Then sorry i have no idea. I never thought his AP would even get that high to be honest, even with gear and the higher levels. Like my L50 has 246M AP with a rider/epic&legendary gear and two mythic runes on it. 800M seems super high wow.

Maybe perhaps this? Been rumors of gear simply disappearing?


I saw a forum post that mentioned that a rider’s gear had disappeared. Maybe this happened to you?
damn you and your fast fingers mech :joy:


Well fck a duck and call me Nancy.

Do you have similar screenshots with the 860M AP screen? Maybe they aren’t counting something weird or maybe they double counted something previously that was fixed with this patch?

Other than that i’m sorry but i’m stumped. Seems like they need to take a look on the back end of things

Did you try restarting the game already? (A full force close and relaunch.)

Gonna reinstall now I guess :see_no_evil:
I have all sort of glitches

Yayyy!its back now!
Solved by the power of reinstalling :heart_eyes_cat:


Please close the topic,it’s solved now :white_check_mark: