What's a 'pan', who's a 'pan', how to 'pan'?

This has been bugging me for a while now, and while I’m relatively new to the forums, I keep seeing people saying ‘pan’ everywhere. Can someone pleaaaase tell me where it came from and what it means ;-;

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I forget where the original post, but someone made a typo in a message they wrote. They meant to say that the admins couldn’t ban them… instead they typed the admins couldn’t pan them. It’s become a thing. I particularly love the pan hammer gif :laughing:

Edit: the typo was in a mail sent ingame that had been screenshotted and uploaded to the forums.

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It was in the monsterdesert kelvin hack thread, which is now hidden, but you’re right, it was an screen shot of one of the messages monsterdesert sent the team they were warring, basically saying he’s untouchable and “admin can’t pan me.”


Damn, I’ve read that thread before. Can’t believe I didn’t remember the original pan HAHA

Edit: found it!