What's Next For Atlas - from the Atlas Team

Many of you have asked about what lies ahead for Atlas. We understand that many of you would like more improvements for Atlas delivered more often. It’s also true that during 2020, the work on the map shuffle feature took a lot of resources, and that feature needs more work before it will be ready to release. The good news is that in 2021 more resources are available to work on Atlas, and throughout the year, we will be focused on delivering some long-asked for requests from the community.

For most of this month, all of our resources have been focused on work to reduce lag in Atlas. Some small parts of those improvements have shipped, but we’re aiming for the bulk of that work to be delivered early in the first quarter of 2021. As we’ve mentioned, we’re going to be making incremental changes instead of taking huge swings all at once. This will allow us to ensure we are building on a solid foundation of code, so we won’t experience “rot” in the future.

Changes introduced with the Eclipse season:

  • Blockade Times Reduced: This GPF-driven change will be a substantial reduction to blockade times. The goal is to make Atlas more active and fun while still giving attentive gatekeeping a chance to intervene and protect those behind them. We know that this is a significant change and will be monitoring the effects closely. New blockade times are as follows:
    • Level 3 Fort: 2.2 minutes
    • Level 6 Fort: 3.48 minutes
    • Level 9 Fort: 4.74 minutes
    • Level 12 Fort: 6 minutes
  • Early Quitting Slightly Nerfed: Atlas attacks where the attacker quits between 0% and 70% base destruction have slightly reduced payouts. Attack results where the attacker achieves over 70% base destruction have not been changed.
  • 100% Glory Threshold Raised to level 550: We semi-regularly increase this threshold as more powerful dragons and the high-level towers against which they are intended to fight are released. If a player who is high enough level to have 16 or more 112-level towers happens to be on a weak team, we want players with max-tier dragons to still get 100% glory when attacking that player, even if they get far less glory attacking weaker members of the same team.

What’s To Come in Q1 2021

  • Lag Reduction: As noted above, this work will ship in stages, and players should see reductions in the amount of lag they experience as each improvement rolls out. We’re going to aim to make as much progress towards improving the experience around lag as we can early in the year.
  • Primarch Event: We’re aware that many players have maxed out primarchs and therefore have trouble earning points in this event. We’re looking to either fix or replace this event early next year. Unfortunately a technical issue prevents us from releasing a new primarch tier or any fix until early next year at the earliest. In the meantime, we are working on a temporary way to make scoring in the event a little easier until we can implement a longer term solution.
  • More Nuanced Approach to Blockade Reductions: We are going to keep a close watch on the impacts of the reduced blockade times. If needed, we’ll adjust those rules to only use the reduced times for teams that do not attack the castle they are stopped on.
  • More Work Against Early Quitting: We’re going to watch the effects of the slight change shipped at the start of the Eclipse season. If needed, we will do more work in this area to distinguish intentional early quitting from more legit fails against very challenging bases.

And Beyond

We’ve seen your inputs on the top-10 features threads and are moving resources to work towards the issues you want to be addressed. We hope the plans we have for Q1 2021 will help pave the way for more improvements to Atlas and a better experience for all of our players. Thank you everyone for being with us on this journey so far, and we hope for great times together in the future!

PGGalileo’s cautionary note: things may change without warning. We know that situation is not ideal.

ALSO: Plat4+ teams are going to be added this season, and in future seasons we will stick to Plat2+ teams (that’s the current plan, subject to change).


@PGGalileo says level 3 fort twice with different times ?

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Perhaps if people would stop taking anything outside of release notes as gospel you wouldn’t need a precautionary note. :joy: I’d rather the team give us their thoughts, and allow for feedback and possible letdowns, than to feel like a mushroom being fed poop in the dark. So, thanks for letting us know what everyone’s ruminating on in PG land.

PS - I’m still waiting on a goat dragon.


Good catch

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Question, what is considered “slightly nerfed”? Is this like 5% or something closer to 25%?


Need to be 60% nerf to actually work

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You said the Atlas would be awarded to the platinum teams but it didn’t come

We’re working on adding new teams with the release of the new season at this time. We’re monitoring it but we hope to have it completed today.


Is platinum 4 included?



:woman_facepalming: there is so little that a P4 team can achieve in atlas in its current form. I feel sorry for them.


The fact is that is a viable defense strategy to quit at 50% so you kill the attackers troops before they kill yours. Even with a glory hit, it will still be done. It will just lessen it some.

The attacker already gets the advantage of the element of surprise, and they’ve already nerfed defending to be less enjoyable, taking away all defense strategies won’t work either. Aside from the fact that max trappers have to be hit with max siegers, the only real defense is counter-sniping/counter-hitting.

Defending actual runs is a joke for the defender on a success. You get 90% revives for less than 1 flame total, yippee, I only lose 1k troops so get 900 revives while the attacker lose 10k troops and get 7k revives. Better percentage yes, but horrible glory and revive return for the defender. Numbers wise it looks good, but the attacker still comes out on top in terms of actual amount of glory and revives obtained.

I’m not saying NOT to stop the early quits, but taking away a viable defense strategy used by teams for OTHER THAN large battles, is not a viable solution either. Otherwise, why should anyone try to defend at all? Making it too punishing will be going the wrong way I think.

All I want to know right now is how punishing I can expect it to be when defending our castles. Considering the word slightly means different things to different players AND PG, it is good to have a good range at least to know what to expect.


Calling these out bc neither was in the season release notes. :thinking: Better late than never.

More detail around the glory/revive formula change for early quits would be great. My own suspicion is punishing early quits will incentivize hitting down, but maybe it helps snipers who are hitting up a bit… is tricky.


I am concerned that this huge reduction in delays will produce an entirely unforeseen result of increased bullying where high level, high load prims waltz on in for a couple of guard bites, then leave before they can be enfeebled and cleared. Combine that with the quit early countersniping reduction and some teams are in for a really hard time.

I’m sure it will mean more fighting, and more fighting on more castles, but will the downside be worth the upside?


The teams should be added now.


Seems like quitting before 70% should result in 0 because you didnt clear the base, you lost/gave up. 70% should be the bare minimum to get anything or kill anything other than your own troops


Is it possible to get a list of the teams added to Atlas with this rollout?


Rewards. A chance to recruit as a lot of players refuse to join a team without atlas at this point. I don’t see why highly active, growing teams shouldn’t be given a chance to replace the 200 dead teams w 4 alts.

There are teams w less than 10 players holding castles lmao.


New blockade times are as follows:
Level 3 Fort: 2.2 minutes
Level 6 Fort: 3.48 minutes
Level 9 Fort: 4.74 minutes
Level 12 Fort: 6 minutes

@PGGalileo and @RamenWithSoup Is there any particular reason why there has not been chosen a round number for this, like the first relased of 1 minute per Fort level? (Which in fact seemed quite logic to me and easy to calculate before I would move in and wait out delays)

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which teams? that way bot folks can update our stuff with out having to spam servers. or are these reflected in the API teams endpoint?

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