What's the Leak of The New Warrior of Wintertide Skills Pls?

What is the spells set for this dragon?

Gladicus… Impenetrable fortress? (double resist or stone skin (white spell))

‘Thick armor shrugs off even the mightiest blows’ (Explosive shield, inert/reverse projectile or something unique for this dragon or Zamrok wind wall ability?)

Ashen Breath saps strength? (Uproot, vampiric touch or heated breath or unique skill) once again

‘At the end of the battle, Gladicus is always left standing’ (at this point it is just the warrior ability high hp or there is going to be a double resist)

Can someone tell me what would his ability be or at least any leak kekekeke :slight_smile:
Want to get him fully first before continuing my Double headed Death Horse

They should preview the spells later today hopefully

Spells will be announced Tuesday 1/9

oh god I can wait … Hopefully the warrior will be good :slight_smile:
I need a good warrior Drag

The words good and warrior generally don’t go together unless preceded by the word not… :joy:

Hopefully this can be just as good or better than Zam but the description doesn’t give me hope :man_shrugging:


Well hahaha thats to individual some people are good with warrior Tarand? Kind of good hahahahah but yeah most warrior is …

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