What's the next event?

Hi, you know something about the next event🤔

I do know something about the next event


Strangely me too




Edit : sorry guys did I spoil your fun? Just do as if I said nothing :grin:


Well just boo

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Here, use this. Breeding should be next. It’s a fairly consistent pattern.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Next event is likely Breeding, followed by Tug of War, and then Feeding.
Just my guess though

No way they are ending the season on feeding, it’s gotta be fort.


Agreed. Feeding typically is in the first month of a season with the exception being the extra feeding at the end of summer. In the past, PG has used the 3 passive events in a row as some time off to let the team finish up the 3rd season dragon and the mythic.

IIRC they did last season end it with feed - or did they open with feed?

Can’t remember, and I’m too lazy to pull up the calendar.

The last 2 seasons have started with fort… Will likely be that way again… so yeah, feeding.

Im expecting either
Breeding, feeding, fortification with spring starting with tug a war or king of the hill

Breeding, feeding, pvp with spring starting with Fort

LOL wait until tomorrow 8:00am PST and the Creators Faction members will announce it.

Also where do you pull this reference of “it will likely be that way again” from? just because it has happened twice definitely doesn’t make it a pattern lol. Just compare it to the 3 seasons before it where fort was NOT the starting event :man_shrugging:

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KOTH is the greatest event in the game


Well as long as it’s not Feeding I’ll be ok I’m terrible at it. For eg there’s nothing in the calendar and my friend says it’s breeding. So I feed my dragons to get ready for the event then suddenly boom it’s Feeding and I’m just :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Plz bring feeding event before fort event . @PGCrisis

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Before fort? Why don’t you want it after you level up your den and uncap your roster?


Before fort is a really stupid time to have a feeding event. Works better if it’s after either a breeding event or a fort event.

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