What's the next event?


PG, PLEASE dont make the first pvp of the spring season King of the Hill, PLEASE! That is the absolute worst event for people who save up for the next season to open gold chests. I’ll literally take any other battle event, even the lame solo event or Capture the flag (and I really hate capture the flag). Please dont screw us over with an event that has a gold chest drop that is only of use once a season.


How is koth different from rest of pvp?


By the frequent drop of barricades instead of inner fires. It’s the only event that uses them and they’re worthless for the rest of the season.


What’s the next event ?



The only current pvp without Inner Fire. Which means bonus meter, and siege weapons


If Feeding event is to come then I hope it’s Before breeding event not Fort. Still I think it’s breeding event next


Feeding before breeding is an even worse idea than a feeding before a fort event :unamused:


Normally feeding comes like that , breeding => feeding => fort , last 2 like this


Next event starts tomorrow and is breeding, after bredding is tug of war and then fort. And the first event of the spring season is feeding. Just sharing it so other people can know as well.


How do you know this?


One of my teamates told me in game, why?


If you think that I’m a hacker then you’re wrong. I’m not


err, defensive much…? Who even thought anything about hacker? Doth though protest too much?


Sorry, just throwing it out there


Also, the feeding event shoudl start off next season since we haven’t gotten it in a while. Guess my teamate was right then!


OMG how could you get hacker out of me asking for support to your claim. I’ve been around the forums enough to not trust what anyone states without confirmation. Relax sip a coke :slight_smile:


Fine. Also, I don’t drink soda, too much artificial sweeteners.


ok sip some :tea:


Let’s see, if I can upgrade my dragon den to the next level soon then I can train Equestor and Spindra up another level for next season’s first event