What's the next event?


I will agree that we will have a feeding event in March but I base it off the fact that March has “five” weeks in it.


The best time for feeding is between the Hell Freezing Over event and the Flying Pigs event.


I agree :laughing: you should always be able to feed your dragons when they are hungry instead of worrying about a stupid feeding event.


Don’t know why everyone disses the feed event. It seems like a pretty easy way to get prizes. Always been able to score well, especially with being able to feed perches for lower levels.

  1. It creates incentives to not level your dragons, or more accurately, if you have sigil goals, disincentives to level your dragons.

  2. PG has adjusted feeding prize tiers with the expectation that people will hoard XP on their dragons, so now you’re punished if you don’t.

  3. It has an irregular schedule that you can’t plan for. This is bad in general and particularly bad combined with point 1.

  4. It’s a scarcity event like fortification, so there’s huge amounts of grind, but unlike fort the grind occurs in two dimensions. (XP and food.) Also unlike fort, there’s no accompanying power spike, because most everyone just grits their teeth and levels their main fighting dragons when possible. So it’s a lot of work with a lukewarm payoff.

I think these are the main reasons and why everyone cheered when the event was killed.


Okay, I guess I was just approaching it from the “relatively easy to get more free stuff” perspective. Like you said, I level my PVP dragons and even others to the point they are breedable or can get max xp, then I just keep grinding away until they have (more than) enough xp to become an expert if I fed them.

I wouldn’t have much of a roster these days if I just got them to breeding and shelved them. I did ok popping a protection boost for food, then farming or producing up to my protection level and using a food pack to make up the difference. I don’t use food packs any other time and am disciplined to stop at my personal goal which is always 450 sigils.


Don’t forget perches. Food never reappears in Feeding events, like it does in Fort events, because you can feed your perches to continue using food. In Fort, you eventually run out of timers/reach your goal, so you stop using lumber.


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