What's this land?


Why this lands have no entry?
How that teams conquered that castles?


Looks like it’s bugged and probably lost paths it used to have meaning it’s now isolated. @PGDave might be the right person to get to look into it. Or maybe @Arelyna



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probably during pvp events when the shields was up, teams came in .


Or during initial release. Also makes castle very difficult to take lol


If you have not already, please submit a ticket to our support team with the screenshot.


You can get in through the north.


You can get to Frigopana, but Frigopana doesn’t connect to Jonepidor?

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Oh yeah - missed that bit…:rofl:

Guess we have another closed off land then…


This is why it’s nice to circle things using the mark up feature in iOS when you do screenshots… I stared at that pic for ages trying to figure out where the non-connections were :sweat_smile:

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I submitted ticket already. Thank you.


Sorry to make you uncomfortable.:sweat_smile:


Probably it’s worth to test Atlas castle connectivity in order to get all unaccessible regions.


Eh, I wasn’t uncomfortable I was just having a hard time seeing the lands without the proper pathing. I think having the “show team colors” thing on was making it more difficult. Typically I do atlas with that turned off.

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