What's up with the SYSTEM auto updating posts from a year ago?

The system has started editing tons of posts, i assume it’s systematically working from the beginning of time forward since i’ve seen Nov 2017 posts coming through.

They are editing out previously quoted text, which is rather dumb. If i’m quoting someone, it’s because i’m trying to respond to them or what they say.

Now @PGCrisis, why is the system doing this? Did something happen in the past 3 days to start this? And can we get it to stop so that we don’t lose context in threads we have responded to?


Uh-oh! It started :scream:

What the heck??? Ummm, that is a bit of a major issue. @HAWK Is this intended behavior for the forums? There was a reason why things were quoted in the first place, so why is Discourse removing the quotes?

So far it only seems to do this to my posts when I quoted the full post directly above.
Still feels like a somewhat useless bot, but not a lot of context is lost unless the person you reply to edits their post.

Quite a bit of the time this is exactly why i quote people :unamused:

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Yes this is deliberate and expected. We’re removing quotes when the entire post is quoted in the very next response. In those cases there is no need to quote (because you’re replying to the whole post) so the additional text creates unnecessary noise (and can cost a performance hit in huge topics).

If someone edits their post then the edit history is viewable. There is also an admin setting to prevent people from coming back and editing their posts.

Hmm, that does make sense. Thank you for answering this mystery for us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Has it been considered when quoting someone’s post (multiple questions) to answer it per question

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Can you explain?

Kinda like this post

(Perhaps a feature to copy as text instead of quote)

Yup, that won’t be removed because it is no longer an exact quote – you’ve edited it by adding extra characters.

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Ok. Thanks for clarifying :blush:

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No worries at all.

Happy holidays everyone.


I’m pretty sure members can’t see the edit history though? I could when I was a mod but can’t now.


They can. :slight_smile:

This is my ‘normal user’ test account on Meta.

but it’s hidden behind a setting which you have off.

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I can see they have edited, but I cannot see the edit history.

EDIT: ahh. @PGCrisis and @PGJared can we have this turned on?


I would love that. Though it may make things messier :eyes:


Point out every.single.typo. :smiling_imp:

I wonder if that’ll catch the ninja changes before the edit icon shows up :thinking: guessing not.