What's wrong with Atlas?



Atlas is pretty much useless for me right now, as it freezes every 10-30 seconds forcing me to restart the game. I’ve been trying for over ten minutes now to train troops and I literally can’t. I can’t attack poachers, I can’t move my primarchs, I can’t check the event screen, as aforementioned I can’t train troops… Is anyone else having these issues? Is this one of the fun side-effects of the last update?

My game game has begun freezing as well. I’m extremely frustrated.


Do you mean you can’t attack beasts? The update changed poachers to beasts.
Do you have it updated to latest version?

Have you submitted a support ticket ingame?

I have sync errors when I claim prizes in atlas and normal events that forces me to restart.


I have three team mates who are experiencing the same issue. Nothing to pass on about a fix though… sorry.


Yea I’m getting same bs. Happened last night and couldn’t get multi done on dragons I need to breeding lvl and never got it working would freeze within 2-3seconds. Woke up today and it was working. Now after a few runs today same thing. Instant freeze when loading atlas

U suck pg
@Arelyna is there anything about fixing this. We getting the shaft bad on breeding


damn you sound like in game support LMAOOOO

but seriously @PGCrisis @PGDave atlas is freezing like mad, clicking beast, clicking mine, clicking quest, clicking literally anything would make you freeze, it will work for a bit then it will do it all over again.


Same issues here. Havent been able to do any proper atlas pvp for a week because of this. Just pressing on ‘training troops’ takes 10 minutes with the lag.
Lag with moving home, moving prims, summoning prims.
Lag with seeing opponents in nml
Pvp attacks not counting

Completely understand your frustration.


Typical pg. ignore problems. I should start a cat thread and slip it in there.


Lol yep, you mean how they ask you to do a list of things and then make an excuse why its your fault?


I clearly must’ve forgot to stand on one foot while reinstalling


I am sorry that people have been having issues in Atlas? Are you still having crashing issues?


Yes it is indeed still freezing regularly.


It keeps rolling back any progress I make in atlas


Is any one else having problem with atlas ? I had to reinstall game coz I was getting rubies during event. After reinstall in Atlas my clicks don’t register sometimes and the interactions are funny with tapping on anything (castles, beasts, quests… etc) and the game just crashes every 2 mins. I haven’t been able to run invader in the last 20 hours or so. Have tried re-installing about 4 times now. Any one knows a fix ?

Using iPhone XR … so doubt Perfomance being an issue. Any one have/had similar problems and know what to do ?


@PGJared @PGCrisis @Arelyna

Once again, Atlas is freezing. I can’t do jack. Can’t train troops, can’t attack poachers, nothing cause the game freezes within 5 seconds of opening atlas. I’m on reinstall number 6 and there’s no change.


Reduce graphics, restart, go into atlas, see if it still hangs. If not, then put graphics back manually using the check boxes.


You’re a lifesaver, I was getting so frustrated. It’s working for now, hopefully it stays that way.


Never mind, even on the lowest possible graphic settings, atlas still freezes. :joy: Oh joy.

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